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Privacy Alert !

Want to give you a heads-up on a new website I just heard about – It is touted as being ‘Not Your Grandma’s Phone Book – and I would have to agree.

Without knowing all the details of how it works – it appears that they harvest information from the web including information from social sites and put it all together in one place. This includes your address, gender, age, martial status, information on income, your home, hobbies, pictures and video. Pretty comprehensive.

While the initial name search offers only basic info, one can get a paid membership to get more detailed stats. If you’re like me, I prefer not having my  personal information available. And, fortunately spokeo has made this possible. You can have yourself removed from the database by following the steps below.

1. Perform a search using your name and location, i.e, John Doe, New York, NY to see if your are included.

2. If you are in the system, your information will display on a new page.

3. To get deleted from the directory, perform the following

1. Copy the URL address at the top of the screen

2. Click on the ‘Privacy’ button at the bottom of the page which will open a new page

….. on the next page

  1. Paste the URL you’ve copied into the appropriate space (see image)
  2. Enter your email (do this so they can send you a confirm link to complete the process)
  3. Enter the ‘captcha’ code
  4. Click remove listing

Completion of Process

You will then need to check your email account for an email from spokeo. Inside the email will be a link you can click to confirm your request. Once you’ve done this your information will be removed. We’ve gone through the process and it does work.  The link at the top of this post is active for those that would like to get started checking on their status.

Note: Married couples should check both names as husband and wife are listed separately.

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