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We pick our Bear up in about 5 days and while the time has seemed long – think I can safely say we are going to  miss our trips to visit him.  With the Circle Star Pet Resort being located north between Tyler and Athens – in a very pretty part of the state – we’ve seen and visited lots of wonderful places.  Antiques being a favorite of ours, we were fortunate to find a couple of really nice antique malls located along Hwy. 31 with lots of wonderful stuff to see.


One of the malls – The Rusty Nail in Brownsboro – appeared to be the newer but the vendors there  had lots of really great items to peruse – including good old Texas stuff like chaps and saddles.  David found a wonderful toy there . . .  a steam driven truck originally made in Germany.   Guess the most amazing part was that it was complete right down to the advertising booklet.    It’s rare to find old toys that aren’t missing something.  The owner – Lisa – was very friendly and you can be sure we’ll check back in next time we’re in the area.  (Get information on antique shops (here.)





benwheeler3  I told you about The Shed in Edom, now let me mention Moore’s Store in Ben Wheeler.  We went there for lunch last week and had the best hamburger. It was HUGE and came with fresh, homemade potato chips . . . very much like kettle fries.  All really good.  Since we were there on a Monday – not many of the stores were open, i.e., the ice cream shop across the street.  That was a BIG disappointment to David.  Might mention there was also a store that sold fudge that was also closed. . . bummer.  The town looked like it would be a good place to check out on the weekend when things are busy and the stores are open.


pirateshipSince we made more than one visit to see Bear, for variety we tried to find different routes to go home.  One such road took us through some beautiful winding, wooded countryside with many beautiful homes.  We weren’t surprised to see some log homes mixed in but we did have to stop and turn around when we saw a pirate ship floating on a lake.  It was a full-sized wooden ship right down to the flags flying from the masts – one Jack Sparrow would be proud to call his own.  Can’t imagine the amount of work – or cost –  it took to build it.  It even had a  huge spiral slide going down  into the water.  You just know that it would  be fun to spend a day playing out there.  BTW – It may look small in the picture because it was so far away – but it is life size !


PS – with David’s back still hurting him we found out that he has hairline fractures to two discs. So, things may be a little slow around here for a while but we’ll keep plodding and keep you posted on things best we can.


PPS – To see what great work the staff at K9 Rescue do – please visit this link




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