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Perfect Boiled Eggs, Homemade Foaming Soap & Plums

You’ve heard the old expression, “when it rains, it pours”.   Guess this is true for fruit trees as well. Seems everything gets ripe all at once.  And, since this ‘city girl’ never learned how to can OR make preserves, and never will  (can you say botulism?) – we end up either having to eat a lot, giving it away (most of the time every one else is in the same situation…too much) or freezing it (my favorite). 

The plum trees are loaded with fruit so I used the ones we picked yesterday and baked a Peach-Plum Crisp for dessert today. The peaches were the ones frozen from last year! Surprisingly, the taste was just fine as was the texture. That was the last of the peaches so now I’m ready to freeze the ones we pick this year. Having fresh fruit, berries and veggies is one of my favorite ‘country’ perks.

I’m always looking to save a few dollars and when I saw I could buy a dish soap ‘foaming’ dispenser in one of the catalogs that came the other day, I knew there must be a way to mix your own foaming soap – and not have to buy the expensive ‘foaming’ refills. Did a little sleuthing on the Net and came up with a formula that works.   Of course, you’ll need to have one of the foaming dispensers – but I just refilled my old Dawn pump . . . or you can purchase a pretty foaming dispenser.

Since this was my first time to try this, I will need to do a little adjusting to the formula next go around (not enough suds for me), but for a first-time effort, I was very pleased. I’m going to post the adjusted formula I’ll use next time.

Home-made Foaming Soap

  • Into the empty dispenser, pour 2/3 cup of regular dish soap (I used Dawn).
  • Fill the bottle with the amount of water necessary to reach the ‘fill line’.
  • Gently shake, and you’re done.

Compared to what the foaming refills cost, not to mention I can’t always find the refills at the stores around here, this is going to become one of my favorite ‘tricks’. Depending on the brand of dish soap you use, you may find you’ll need to make your own adjustments to the amount of soap used.

Note: This formula would also probably work when needing to refill those expensive foaming bath and hand soaps.

Perfect Boiled Eggs

I know there’s no such thing as perfect – but this method of cooking boiled eggs is as close to a perfect boiled egg every time as you can get. An old friend, many years ago showed me how to do this and it never fails. Thanks Theresa!

  • Place the eggs in a single layer, in a saucepan and cover with tap water.
  • Bring to a low rolling boil over medium-high heat and allow to boil for three (3) minutes.
  • At the three minute mark, remove the eggs from the heat and allow them to sit in the hot water for fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Removed eggs from hot water with a slotted spoon and place into ice-cold water (this stops the cooking).
  • Cool and use or store in refrigerator for later.

These eggs come out with the whites white, the yolks do not have the grayish-greenish outside, they don’t have an off taste and they have no smell – making them perfect for any use.

FYI – The gray-green discoloration you see appears when eggs are boiled too long. The thin discoloration around the yolk is due to the formation of ferrous sulfide which is formed when the iron in the egg yolk reacts with the hydrogen sulfide in the white. Not pretty – but still edible.

There are probably as many deviled egg recipes out there as there are cooks. But our favorite uses mayonnaise and Durkee ‘Famous Sandwich & Salad Sauce’- plus salt and pepper to taste. The Durkee Sauce has a less tart taste than using traditional mustard.

Finally – the easiest way to mix up the filling for deviled eggs is to place the ingredients into a small-sized plastic zip bag, smush everything together and then cut off one corner (not too much) and pipe the filling into the whites. When you’ve finished, just toss the bag and you’re done.





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