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Macrobiotic Diet, Shoppy Bag & Irises

Shoppy Bag?   

Got a strange email the other day saying I had been ‘tagged’ to open a picture. It was from someone I knew and trusted so I went to the link to check out the process since I’d never heard of ‘shoppy bag’. Thought maybe it was a new photo sharing site. The link in the email took me to a page where I was required to sign up before I could see the ‘picture’. They wanted my name, REAL birthday, email address, password, etc. – no way. I clicked out and sent an email to the person I thought had sent it to me and found out they had not sent it at all !

After a little sleuthing on the Internet found out that there were numerous complaints and articles about ‘shoppy bag’ being labeled all sorts of things from a scam,  to a virus, to plain old spam – not to mention that a lot of the people posting in the forums had trouble getting rid of it. Seems once you get into the site they grab all the email addresses in your computer and send out more emails to your address book – under your name – thus perpetuating the process…so it goes on and on.

Haven’t a clue what their ultimate goal is for collecting all those email address. So watch out – and for those in my address book – I’ve not sent out any pictures using ‘shoppy bag’. I also haven’t gotten any more emails – but you can be sure if I see another one – it’s going straight to the trash and I’m going to set up a filter to delete any future ‘shoppy bag’ emails that might sneak through.

Beautiful Sky Video

Saw this video the other day. It is a time lapse of  El Teide – one of Spain’s highest mountains and home to Teide Observatories.  Thought it was very beautiful so I’m putting it here for you to see – to view click on ‘The Mountain’  link below . Hope you enjoy it!

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.


Amazing how far smoke can travel. We woke up the other morning to a hazy sky. You may have seen or heard about all the wild fires in and about the areas out west of the Dallas-Ft Worth area. Literally thousands of acres burned and tragically, many more hundreds of acres are still burning.

It was so hazy and the smell was so acrid and strong that David and I decided it was beneficial to our health to just stay inside. The south wind picked up later in the day, clearing the skies mid-afternoon. We haven’t experienced any more smoke that bad and I heard last night on the news that they are getting some of the fires under control.


While sitting on the deck the other day, I was surprised to see my purple iris sparkling in the sunshine. Went over to check on it and was amazed to see tiny sparkles on the petal.

In fact all of the petals on the iris were covered with what look like diamond dust – and when the sun hit it just right, they sparkled with a metallic look. David took a picture and tried to get the ‘sparkles’ but there was no way to get the full effect of this phenomenon . . . but the little white ‘dots’ you see in the picture are the little silvery bits on the flower. Have to say, for all the flowers I’ve ever planted over the years, I’ve never seen any real flower sparkle like this one.

Summer Diets

Don’t know why it is so hard to stay on a diet. Maybe it’s because after a while I feel deprived of the foods I really like and enjoy, or maybe eating pretty much the same foods and quantities over and over just gets boring. I’m still sticking to my ‘cement’ diet – although not quite as strict as before.  🙁 

Always think diets are interesting because they are all so different and it seems every one is always looking for the perfect diet.  So when I saw an article about how some foods may help prevent cancer,  did a little searching on the net looking for information about  a specific diet that has been purported to help ‘fight cancer’.

I had read a long time ago about how following a macrobiotic diet had been thought to help keep you healthy and possibly stave off  breast cancer.  This diet has been around for a while and  it sounds totally healthy for body and mind – but, I know I’d never be able to stick to it. Mainly because I’d have to cook six meals a day instead of my usual three. That would be three ‘regular’ meals for David; three diet meals for me. AND, once we sat down to eat, there is no way could I sit there and watch David eat shrimp, steaks, potatoes, bread and butter while I sup on a bowl of brown rice and soy.

I’ve posted the complete article on our breast forms blog – if you care to read it all. What you’ll find there is the philosophy of the macrobiotic diet (yes, it is a way of life), the foods to include, and the foods to exclude. Hmmmm… don’t you just know even before you read that post  that the foods you can’t eat  just have to be all your favorites.  I know mine were.

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