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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation

I Don’t Like Shoveling Dirt !

burnpile32This year seems to have flown by. Just this weekend – sitting out in the back yard – saw a flock of geese flying over. Didn’t expect to see that until sometime in November. Maybe all those predictions we’ve been reading about a colder than usual winter is true.


Another interesting sight was seeing an eagle flying right above the house. I am assuming it was an eagle since it was brown and white. Our neighbor John has seen one on the ground so I know they are in the area. Need to keep a look-out and maybe get a picture – if he gets low enough and I can remember to take a camera with me.


David is getting better and did some burning this week. We’d been doing a lot of trimming trees and cleaning leaves in the yard – which we can’t take to the county dump – so there was quite a bit of stuff piled up. We were glad to get the phone call removing the burn ban and headed out next day to start what was a pretty impressive fire. Fortunately the grass around the pile was damp and we had water hoses at hand just in case anything got loose.


Haven’t done as much baking this year but just had to have a coconut pie on Sunday. Started out making a regular coconut pie – but ended up topping it with whipped cream, toasted coconut and pecans and caramel sauce. Get that yummy pie recipe here.

It lasted about two days. Guess that is why I don’t bake any more than I do – we have no will power when it comes to eating sweets.




shelterdirtAnother project this past weekend was to start filling in the garden area with dirt. (Trying to level it out.) The only good thing about that was that we didn’t have to buy the dirt – David just loaded up the front-end loader of the tractor with dirt from the back five acres and dumped it over the fence. Three loads. If you’ve not had the pleasure of spreading dirt, the only words to describe it are ‘hard and dirty’. I shoveled quite a bit of it filling in the low spots, then used a rake to even everything out. The picture is of two loads and I didn’t take a picture of the spread dirt because the whole area still looks lumpy. We’ve had a couple of really good rains this week – so next weekend I’ll be out there again spreading more dirt. Hopefully that will be the last time.


You’ll see that David put more dirt on top of the tornado shelter. Right now it is just clay and we can’t get the grass to grow there. Thank goodness, he spread that dirt and I didn’t have help with any of it.


We’re looking forward to some really cool weather this weekend.  Can’t wait!!gardendirt









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