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Good News-Bad News & Bing Cherries

All in all our Thanksgiving was very enjoyable. Visited with family and friends  – lots of good food and got some needed R ‘n R … that’s so we’ll be ready for all the Christmas going-ons just around the corner.

Made the Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake for Thanksgiving and as a follow up have couple of comments. First, it was delicious. We enjoyed it with  whipped cream drizzled with Smuckers caramel sauce – mainly because I didn’t think it was quite sweet enough.  When I make it again, think I might add an extra 1/4 cup brown sugar to the pecan base.   This would make it a little sweeter and give it a little more ‘pecan praline’ flavor.

Hit and Run!!

Have to tell you about a bit of a surprise we had before we left. Our mail box was run over!  For those that don’t live in the country or haven’t visited the country (poor babies),  our mail boxes are typically  mounted on a 3-4′ stand (usually a cedar post) at the side of the road so the mail ‘person‘ can drive up and drop off the mail without having to get out of their car.

Anyway, David went to collect the mail and found that our box had been hit during the night. Before I go any further you need to know that our mail box (mounted on a cedar post with lots of reflective tape) was set with concrete in a large five gallon bucket. This bucket was buried in the ground with cement, surrounded by several cinder blocks filled with re-bar and more cement. That mailbox was like a fortress.

So when David saw it leaning over, cinder blocks in pieces, rebar laying on the ground and the fence next to it knocked down and in pieces  – he knew whoever hit it had to have done some substantial damage to their car.  Thanks to watching our share of CSI – we determined that the vehicle that hit it was red (red paint on the fence post) … so we’re on the lookout.

 This discovery all happened pretty late in the day so we were scrambling trying to get the box back up in enough of a upright position that we could at least get our mail the next day….. rain was on the way and we didn’t know if we’d have time to fix it properly.

Make a long story short  – the box has stayed up (so far) but we still haven’t had time to make it permanent. If the weather holds we’ll do that this weekend….maybe.

Are All Blue Liquids the Same?

If you’re a woman the answer is ‘no’…. but if you’re a guy – the answer might be ‘yes’. I base this conclusion on the fact that after brushing my teeth the other night when I picked up my bottle of  blue mouthwash . . . the bottle was quite a bit smaller than I remembered buying…. BUT. . .. it was blue .

Something didn’t feel right, so I turned it around to read the label and found out that my bottle of mouthwash could do 150 wash loads! Scanning up the label I was totally surprised to find my newly purchased bottle of dishwasher drying agent had made it’s way to the bathroom. (Hmmmm, can you say David?) I can’t even imagine how awful that would have tasted. Found the real stuff in the linen closet – took the drying agent to the kitchen – but not before we shared a few laughs.

Bing Cherry Salad

I love eating dishes others have prepared. And every once in a while I find a really good new recipe. This recipe for Bing Cherry Salad is a Thanksgiving tradition with Jerry (Cat Lady Mexican Casserole fame) and one of my favorites.

It would be hard to describe how it tastes – but it is delicious. It’s a little different from other recipes you may have seen in that the ‘cream cheese’ is not in the jello but served as a topping. This salad will travel well in an aluminum pan or if you’re at home try a fancy mould.


  • 2 packages Cherry Jello
  • 1 large crushed pineapple (drained)
  • 1 large can Bing cherries (be sure they’re Bing)
  • 2 small bottles of Coke (20 oz.)
  • 1/2 – 1 cup pecans chopped (optional)


  • Drain pineapple and cherry juice into a pan saving a little of the cherry juice for the cream cheese dip below (approx. 1 Tbsp)
  • Boil juices
  • In a separate bowl, pour juice over jello and allow to cool
  • Pour in the 2 cokes
  • Add in drained pineapple and cherries (pecans if using)
  • Refrigerate and allow to set


  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 small block of cream cheese
  • Powdered sugar (to taste)
  • Orange marmalade (small amount to taste)
  • 1 Tbsp of cherry juice

Blend all dip ingredients together until smooth and then chill.

Serve the Bing Cherry Salad with a little of the dip or if you’re like me – just dive in and enjoy it plain.

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