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Favorite Dessert Recipes . . . Old & New

About this time every year start  sorting  through my dessert recipes to see which ones we want to have. With David being diabetic, I splurge and make a couple of regular desserts for us to enjoy on Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . but one dish I always stick to is the sugar free Cranberry Sauce.   (Check out I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free for lots of good sugar free, holiday recipes plus many more regular recipes. )

Alas, it is hard to decide which ones to make. And since I’m one of those people that doesn’t like change I rarely try anything new.   But one of our old favorites just may be getting bumped for a new one.   Saw this piecaken online and in spite of the fact that I’m not a big chocolate eater, it did look delicious.  Raspberries and chocolate – what’s not to like?





A piecaken is new to me, but then I live in the country. Have to say the thought of a pie inside a cake is novel.  Just seeing the picture made me want to run out and buy raspberries.   Rather than put everything needed here, please visit this link for the full recipe.

Ok, if you’ve gotten past the piecaken, here are a few of our old favorite recipes we’re thinking of having.



Rum Cake  –   (Note:  a new twist on this old favorite is to use Amaretto in place of the rum . . . it is delicious.  In fact, David likes it better !!!  A true endorsement.  )

Made from a boxed mix, this cake is easy and will taste better if you let it sit covered in the refrigerator for at least 1 day.  Get recipe. 


Bourbon Pecan Pie –  We like this pie chilled and if you don’t like bourbon  or have a restricted diet – simply leave out the bourbon.    Get recipe. 


Eggnog Cake w/Rum Glaze –  Also uses a box mix so it is easy, rum glaze is same as for rum cake above.  Get recipe,

eggnog_2016Note:  If you like eggnog, make your own eggnog ice cream at home from vanilla ice cream.  It does not use store bought eggnog just 4 ingredients you probably already have at home  – Get recipe.


Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake – To me this one seemed like a lot of work but so worth it.  Get recipe. 

Timbal Rosettes – These delicate, crunchy ‘shells’ are delicious with powdered sugar.  Get recipe. 

Baklava –  Make this delicious Greek pastry using pecans, walnuts or a combination of the two.  Get recipe.

Rodeo Nuts – Last but not least – these are great to give bagged as gifts or just keep ’em around to nibble on.  Get recipe. 

OK, I lied . . . one more.

pecanpralines_2016How about making some Pralines IF you have any pecans leftover from the pie and rodeo nuts.  Get recipe.


Happy Thanksgiving !!!!





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