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Fall Fever

We just got home from the doctor’s. It’s a beautiful October day – and both David and Bear are sound asleep. I’m sitting here staring at all the work that needs doing and thinking that I must have a bad case of ‘fall’ fever since I’m finding it very hard to get started on any of my projects. That may partly be due to the fact that yesterday we defrosted the freezer. That was no small task since it has to be moved onto the back porch after everything has been moved out of it. Fortunately that only has to be done about every 2 years !! It is a very small freezer – apartment size – but fits nicely in the pantry and makes life easy so as to avoid frequent trips to the large freezer in the garage.


GOA_banner120x200jWe’ve been working with David’s friend (Gopher) and are preparing an online auction that we hope will be up and running soon. Thought that it might be a good way to get rid of some of those things around the house that are no longer needed. Doing this instead of that ‘garage sale’ I talked about. We haven’t decided yet if we are going to open it up to others. Think it would be a good idea to first work out all the bugs before we think about doing that. But will let you know if and when we do – you might want to take a stab at selling some stuff. Who knows?


Hobby Lobby has recently opened a store in Palestine, and it’s been a lot of fun looking at all the goodies. Hard to say whether they had more Halloween or Christmas decorations out. Nevertheless, it was all pretty and tempting to buy. It is interesting to me how Halloween has grown over the years. Really a big holiday or maybe I should say a big commercial venture. Lots and lots of creepy decorations, exotic costumes and loads of candy.




spiderwebcake_1We don’t stock up on candy like we did in Houston, but think I might just make a chocolate spider web cake this year. David hates spiders but I bet he’d love this one! Get recipe for Spider Web Cake here.






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