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Don’t Get Between a Man and His Butter

garlicbiscuitsI learned this the hard way today. We had just sat down to have lunch. A nice warm bowl of beef stew and a batch of garlic-cheese biscuits. We had the usual condiments on the table, salt, pepper – butter. I was reaching for the salt, when at the same time, David went for the butter. Whack! Knife chop to the top of my hand. Thank goodness he wasn’t using a steak knife. ūüėȬ†¬† ¬†We had a good chuckle over that – and I know now, “don’t get between a man and his butter”.

The stew we had for lunch was some I’d cooked up earlier in the week. Stew is like chili and soup, seems to get better with passing day. With the weather cold and very rainy, I did a lot of cooking last weekend. Homemade chicken soup, two loaves of zucchini bread ¬†(went straight to the freezer), two dozen sausage kolaches ¬†and then a huge pot of chicken and dumplings made from the meat I had leftover from the soup. I hate wasting any kind of food, so if I can take something, i.e., meat from chicken soup, I’ll make something with it. Sometimes an old favorite like chicken and dumplings, and sometimes something new . . . if I have the time and am feeling adventurous.



Chicken and Dumplings

My recipe for a quick chicken and dumplings is available at this link – Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Don’t fret about the dumplings. They can be whatever you like. Canned biscuits, knedlicky ¬†(drop dumplings) or in a pinch simply use a large store-bought noodle.

To use canned biscuits for dumplings:,

  • flatten¬†biscuit with your hand on a cutting¬†board ¬†that is lightly¬†covered in flour,
  • cut the biscuit into quarters,
  • shake off excess flour
  • and use dumpling ¬†per chicken and dumpling recipe.

Buy a small can of biscuits unless you’re planning on cooking a very large pot of chicken and dumplings. This is because once the ‘biscuit-dumplings’ ¬†are cooked, it’s surprising how much they puff up. And – don’t buy layered biscuits. They’ll fall apart and get mushy. Get either the regular, buttermilk or country style biscuits.

2013_winterGopher Mountain

Did some laundry Friday since it was nice and warm (71 degrees) . . . and since it’s supposed to turn cold and start raining – again – this weekend. Anyway – while hanging the sheets out to dry couldn’t help but notice what a sad shape the yard is in. Of course, everything always looks dreary and drab during winter. But I’m thinking, there’s going to be an awful lot of work to be done this Spring. Not to mention the ongoing battle with the moles and gophers. In fact, we’ve got so many of the little pests, a friend nicknamed our place “Gopher Mountain”. Hmmmmm- what a nice name for a place with¬†pesky pests.





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