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Christmas Memories

I read once that the important things in your life are the ones that leave an impression. I would guess that no one remembers the number one song or movie at the theaters when they were in the first grade, but I would bet just about everyone remembers their first grade teacher. It’s genuine, everyday people that make a lasting impression or have a positive – sometimes life-changing – effect on you. These are the things you remember.

I might say that Christmas is the same for me. As we are getting ready for another Christmas, I started thinking back over past Christmases that I remembered best. They weren’t the ones with lots of gifts but the ones that were special because of what they were – and who I shared them with.

The first Christmas I thought of was a Christmas my son and I shared when living in an apartment. We didn’t have very much, in fact, we couldn’t even afford a tree. So my friend Theresa brought us one. In fact, she brought it all the way from New York in the back of a U-Haul so by the time we got it – you can imagine – the needles were starting to fall. But we didn’t care. We carefully decorated it with the only decorations we had – bows made from a spool of red ribbon and snowflakes we cut out of white writing paper. We scattered our homemade ornaments all over the tree and to this day – I still remember it as one of the most beautiful Christmas trees ever.

The next Christmas I remember was the last Christmas I shared with my Mom. Of course, I didn’t know it at the time – but she made it special buying me almost everything on the wish-list I’d given her. She was to choose one item. When I fussed saying she’d gone over board she said, ‘No, I didn’t spend too much. I may not always be able to do this.” Now I understand . . .

The first Christmas David and I shared at the ‘new’ house in Houston was another cherished memory. We put up a real tree for the first time covering it with old-fashioned decorations, lots of silvery icicles and several boxes of bubble lights. You know, the kind that look like little plastic candles and bubble after they heat up. The kids had gone their own ways and we sat there in the darkened den with the fireplace crackling – casting flickering shadows around the room. The tree filled the room with that wonderful smell of years gone by . . . both of us contented with complete peace of mind.

There are many Christmases that fall in between these memorable Christmas Days – the Christmas they released my Dad from the hospital early so he could spend Christmas at home with his family, my son’s very first Christmas when he was 6 months old, our first Christmas here in the country . . . each one special in its own way.

May your Christmas be Special this year . . . enjoy the food and enjoy your family,  but take time to stop for just a moment somewhere along the way in all the hustle to take notice of those around you and make a memory that someday you’ll cherish.

From our family to yours . . .


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