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If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was already October.


The front yard is  covered in leaves.   Went out Sunday afternoon and did a ‘little’ raking.   It was incredible how many leaves had fallen.  At this rate, the tree should be bare in a couple of weeks.


And you can see, that our Bear-doggie still enjoys drinking from his personal fountain.  The goldfish don’t seem to mind.






Raked the somewhat wet leaves (makes raking easier)  into a long pile since I couldn’t push them any higher. Now all I have to do is move  them to the burn pile outside the fence.  Should take a few days to get that done.   Only good thing about this is that is maybe I’ll get finished with raking a little earlier this year.




In addition to the leaves, there seems to be an over abundance of mushrooms. They are everywhere thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting.  Some of them I’ve not seen before and found a patch of them growing on a clump of pine needles.  On second thought, maybe they were just poking through??




dentastixPretty uneventful week for us. Did take Bear to visit the Tractor Supply, his favorite store as you know.    Time to stock up on chow and grab a bag of treats.  He likes the Dentastix.  Didn’t know until comparing prices that they can be purchased on Amazon at a significantly lower price.  But then we find almost everything we want is less expensive on Amazon  . . . don’t like the word ‘cheaper’ although it fits, to my brain  seems to imply poor quality.


Signed up to have the Dentastix delivered monthly and now instead of paying over $14.00 for a box of 32 at the store we get them for under $8.00 for a box of 32 on Amazon by signing up for the monthly subscription.   Saving $6.00 a month makes me smile  🙂  and the monthly delivery will save me having to make a trip just so he doesn’t run out.


May be doing some of my Christmas shopping early this year. Saw the most ingenious gadget this weekend.  For those that have men in their life that like to work with wood,  build, repair or just putter –  this little Lumber Lockgadget makes cutting a piece of wood simple.  And, if you get two of them you can have a bench – albeit a little short.




In addition to the Lumber Lock for wood, there is also a companion gadget (Tri Vise) for cutting pipe or round bits of wood, metal, PVC, etc. Another great idea !






We’ve got lots of doctor appointments next few weeks – Sigh, so think I’ll be looking for some new, easy recipes to have on hand.  If I find anything extra-special, I’ll be sure to share !


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