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Awesome x 2

As mentioned, we’ve been super busy with lots of appointments these past days.    Both . . . David & Bear.    But good news,  all reports were ‘awesome’ . . . and David doesn’mailboxt have to go back to the doctor until November.  If you only knew where we’d been a couple of years back, you’d know how far we’ve come, and  how much these good  reports mean to us.  We are so blessed.


Full of energy, we tackled a major project this week. Repairing the mail box.  Don’t know if I mentioned but several months back a not-so-nice person, went along the road smashing all the mail boxes.  Ours included. We ended up having to buy a new box and had precariously attached it to the old post left standing.  This left the whole thing  a wee bit wobbly.  So this week, we took it on ourselves to replace the post with a  stand.


Turned out to be a three-day project. Poured the concrete the first day;  built the cedar stand second day; and assembled it all on third day.  Whew !!!!


Ended up having to cart concrete, water, saws, bricks, screws, wood, and a what seemed like a ton of other stuff down to the gate.   Since we’d pre-built most of it at the garage,  we only had to piece it together with screws and nails after unloading it when it came time to assemble.  David likes screws, I like nails.  To me so much easier.  Couple of whacks and you’re done !  🙂


Think it turned out pretty nice. We’re going to add some reflectors, numbers and corner trim next – then think we can say it is finished.


dirtspikeWaiting for that first fall cool snap, but looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer according to the weather report last night.   We continue to walk early while it is cool . . . albeit wet.  And,  while the walk is the same each day,  it seems we continue to see new and unusual things along the way.


Such was the case with the dirt spike we saw the other day. Don’t know what else to call it.   Have no idea what it was, but it was so unusual and we’d not seen anything like it before.   Must have been about three inches tall, very thin only about 1/2 inch at the base but perfectly shaped.  Only saw a couple of them that one day but we keep looking for more.  I’m kinda thinking it could have been a ‘root sprout’ of some tree or more likely weed.




Haven’t been doing a lot of what I call ‘cooking from scratch’  since we’ve been so busy with appointments – and mail box project.   And, we still have more next week.  Appointments that is.     So, this is when I love having lots of stuff in the freezer to fall back on. Like the Penne Casserole,  BBQ’d beef, pork and sausages for sandwiches and stuffed potatoes, and David’s all time favorite . . . meat loaf!   I think I could serve him meat loaf every day and he’d love it.


Note:  The meat loaf I make is super simple, about 2 lbs. ground beef, 1 cup rolled oats (uncooked), 1/2 TBSP dried chopped onion, 1 tsp. black pepper, 1 egg, 4 crackers (crushed) & water as needed to hold everything together.  Mix everything together really well  (adding water as needed);   form into loaf;  bake at 350 degrees until done.  About 5 minutes before removing from the oven, I mix 1/2 cup ketchup and 1/2 cup taco sauce (your favorite)  together and pour over the top.  Return to oven to finish baking.  Gives it a nice flavor – you can leave off if you don’t like tomatoes.  You already know this freezes well.  After it cools, just slice in serving size portions,  wrap and freeze.



Just had to include this picture of my garlic chives.   I like using them in various dishes and  I’ve had them for over 20 years !!!   Literally.   Every year they bloom but this year the blossom stems seem unusually long with some of them being over 3 feet long.



Do have to give kudos to Tractor Supply. Went there the other day to get dog food and treats since we’d received a coupon via email for 10% off total  purchase.  BUT, when we went to check out seems the coupon – which I’d just received the day before – was expired!!


tractorsupply_2016Don’t mind saying, was a little put out in spite of the fact that we needed the items.   Came home and sent them an email voicing my displeasure. ( I’ve reached the age where I don’t mind complaining to people anymore ) and was very surprised to receive a phone call from a company rep.  Seems their IT people had sent out the emails with the wrong dates, so they very nicely sent us a gift card to use the next time we shop.   Guess  Bear will be eating well – unless David sees a gadget he needs.







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