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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have been reading more and more articles about AI and how it can and will be used.   One article I saw a couple of weeks ago showed how a Monet painting could be converted into a photograph by AI.  Not exactly sure why this is something that needs to be done.  Maybe it was just […]

Cheese Sauce – Plastic Wrap – Baked Potatoes

Would imagine I’m going to have twice as much laundry next couple of weeks thanks to this crazy weather. Cold in the morning and unseasonably hot in the afternoon. Same for the house – fireplace in the morning – A/C in the afternoon. With our changing clothes at least twice a day – David sometimes […]

13 Helpful Tips

Love helpful tips and the email I received from Jerry this week had 13 tips I’d not seen . . . so passing them along. 1.  Use a comb to hold a nail in place while hammering to avoid hitting fingers. This would probably work for holding a screw as well. 2.  Rub walnuts over […]

Perfect Boiled Eggs, Homemade Foaming Soap & Plums

You’ve heard the old expression, “when it rains, it pours”.   Guess this is true for fruit trees as well. Seems everything gets ripe all at once.  And, since this ‘city girl’ never learned how to can OR make preserves, and never will  (can you say botulism?) – we end up either having to eat a lot, […]

Ham vs. Bacon….$2.68 vs. $4.50

Went grocery shopping in Palestine this week and I continue to be amazed at the increase in food prices – particularly bacon … not much there other than ‘fat’. Breakfast is not a big deal with me – I can take it or leave it – but David has to have a proper breakfast with […]