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I’d Rather be Cake-Walking

After last week this week seems like a cake-walk. It all started after David watched an online financial webinar. After the webinar, he went to a website to read more about one of the topics, and that is when it all started. He received an AVG alert about a Trojan virus being detected. Normally, he […]

Homemade Tasting Cinnamon Rolls From Canned . . . a Bigfoot Would Love

 This week has slipped by so fast almost missed getting this post up!   You may wonder what could take so much time?  How about taxes?!   The first of January is always a chore since I try to get all the tax stuff together  for the last year  . . . plus I like to finish […]

Breakfast Burittos, Moles & Gold

Things have really been busy around the hay field. Seems we’ve been doing a lot of running – went shopping in Bryan (bought some fabric to make slip covers for the lawn chairs) and then to Houston to visit my son and his lovely bride. Getting away is always fun but seems chores always double […]

How to Calculate Gold Value for Jewelry

While watching television the other evening I was amazed to see the number of commercials advertising companies that either ‘buy’ gold or ‘sell’ gold.  I’m no economist – but I can read between the lines – and I’m guessing that with the value of the dollar slipping – people are turning to gold for either […]