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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have been reading more and more articles about AI and how it can and will be used.   One article I saw a couple of weeks ago showed how a Monet painting could be converted into a photograph by AI.  Not exactly sure why this is something that needs to be done.  Maybe it was just […]

Helpful Links

Sunday am   It’s dreary, damp, outside.  The woods are shrouded in a fine mist as I look across the field . . . and my plans for working in the yard have been put on hold.  Today is one of those days that calls for making a pot of stew –  soup along with […]

Reverse Telephone Numbers – Who Called Me???

And so it begins. The really hot part of summer when I can’t, no, really don’t want to go outside.  But find I have to keep going out just to keep everything watered so that it doesn’t die.   Especially the grass around the house.  Ever since those terrible fires a few years back that devastated […]

Email Warning !!!!

  Want to bring your attention to some ‘scam’ emails we received  this last week in case you should  receive something similar.  Ended up spending  quite a few hours on the phone tracking everything down.  But, glad I did. Before beginning, let me say that I am always leery of any email that asks me […]

Good Advice

I like good advice. Especially if it makes sense, and especially if it is free.  That is why when I saw a FB post (thanks, Blain), knew it needed sharing . . . and since I don’t have a FB page (no time), thought I’d put the information here.  🙂   Basically it is advice from a […]