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BBQ, Tractors & Surviving

 Finally – everything came together yesterday … briskets were on sale and we had warm weather – 82 degrees. As they say ‘the perfect storm’ for me to get out there are BBQ. Ended up smoking some sausages and boudain as well as two very large briskets that we cut in half only because that […]

Protect Yourself – ‘What a rapist looks for in a target’

. . Saw the following on Jerry’s Facebook page.  Some of it I’d read before – but some was new and made perfect sense.  If you’ve not read about keeping safe while out – in other words avoiding rape – the following may prove to be helpful.   The article was called  ‘Through a rapist’s eyes’  where a group […]

Lemon Cake & Surviving

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week. It’s an unbelievable 78 degrees outside…. sunny….. and the butterflies are busy. Guess we’ll have to turn the A/C down to make it seem more like the Thanksgiving days I remember as a child. Went grocery shopping yesterday and finished up all the shopping that was left – […]

Product Reviews: Worx & Food Insurance

As anticipated, last weekend was deliciously wonderful. We spent most of the time outside snipping and clipping. And, we finally had time to test out the new Worx Blower-Vacuum we’d purchase a couple of months back. We bought it with the thought of getting the leaves out of the ivy growing around the pond as […]