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Sugar Free Cheesecake Brownies . . . & Raccoons

Well this post was intended for a few days ago – but then around here things never seem to go as planned. Just too much to do and not enough time.   And then on top of that, there was the raccoon. I’ve not had many encounters with ‘wild’ animals since we’ve lived here – […]

Sugar Free Brownies from Cake Mix & Spiced Pears

Success!   Tried making David some brownies from the sugar free, chocolate Pillsbury cake mix.  (And, in case you’re wondering, yes I know they make a sugar free brownie mix – but the stores in my area don’t stock it.)   Started by checking the directions on a traditional box of brownies to see what the differences […]

Delicious – New Cookie!

OK, said I’d let you know if I found a better way to make a cookie from the sugar free cake mix (yellow) – and I did. Have to preface this by saying the cookie I made was based on the Jam Stick cookie recipe – David’s favorite – so I could hardly miss.   […]

Sugar Free Lemon-Chessecake Pie with Fresh Raspberry Sauce

After shopping for as many years as I’ve been grocery shopping, you’d think I’d know better than to buy a jar without checking the safety button on top to see if it had been opened. But last shopping trip was in a hurry and just grabbed stuff. So, next morning when I went to open […]

Sugar Free Caramel-Apple Mini-Tarts

As suspected, things got hectic – so everything is running behind. Must confess, not everything was work. 🙂 And, before I continue – why is it that when you take a camera somewhere planning to take pictures . . . there’s nothing you want a picture of; and when you don’t have a camera (or […]