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Sugar Free Brownies from Cake Mix & Spiced Pears

Success!   Tried making David some brownies from the sugar free, chocolate Pillsbury cake mix.  (And, in case you’re wondering, yes I know they make a sugar free brownie mix – but the stores in my area don’t stock it.)   Started by checking the directions on a traditional box of brownies to see what the differences […]

Delicious – New Cookie!

OK, said I’d let you know if I found a better way to make a cookie from the sugar free cake mix (yellow) – and I did. Have to preface this by saying the cookie I made was based on the Jam Stick cookie recipe – David’s favorite – so I could hardly miss.   […]

Sugar Free Lemon-Chessecake Pie with Fresh Raspberry Sauce

After shopping for as many years as I’ve been grocery shopping, you’d think I’d know better than to buy a jar without checking the safety button on top to see if it had been opened. But last shopping trip was in a hurry and just grabbed stuff. So, next morning when I went to open […]

Sugar Free Caramel-Apple Mini-Tarts

As suspected, things got hectic – so everything is running behind. Must confess, not everything was work. 🙂 And, before I continue – why is it that when you take a camera somewhere planning to take pictures . . . there’s nothing you want a picture of; and when you don’t have a camera (or […]

The Lazy Baker

We all know food prices are going up – and with that being said, I do not like throwing out any food (or food items) – if at all possible. So when I had a ball of pie dough about the size of a softball left over the other day from making a cherry pie, […]