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“Bomb-Diggity” Cheddar Biscuits

Looks like Fall has arrived. There is a light haze across the valley and hills beyond – and the trees are starting to turn those lovely maroon and gold colors.  Our maple tree has some beautiful red leaves – and that, of course, is why we planted it.  And can’t forget to mention  the yaupon.  […]

Apple Danish from Crescent Dough

Weather today is – in a word – Fabulous.  Just warm enough to go outside and cool enough to not get hot while working. The yard is a disaster just about everywhere – so I’m trying to get a jump on summer and get a few thing done early, i.e., weeding along the fence lines, […]

Blueberry Danish – from Crescent Dough

. . It’s been a crazy week which does not necessarily translate to a good week.  Busy going to doctors and then just trying to keep up with everything at home.  Not to mention, had my credit card hacked – not a clue how this happened – and was contacted by Discover about charges I did not […]

Queso Dip

With Super Bowl upcoming this weekend, this queso dip is perfect to serve along with a big bowl of chips. Granted it starts out with the same basic ingredients as the Velvetta® & Rotel® original dip – but I’ve added a few of other ingredients to give it what we think is more of a […]

Old Man Winter Coming

Waiting for our first taste of winter this season. Right now it is in the upper 70’s but should get down into the mid to upper-30’s tonight – and near freezing tomorrow night.  WOW – what a change.     Knowing this was coming, I’ve been busy all week trying to get all my outdoor […]