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Change . . .

not my favorite thing. Never have been one to re-arrange the furniture, pantry or anything else for that matter.  Some would call that bor- ring.   Not me.   I find it  less stressful by keeping things in my comfort zone.    Not to mention, on the rare occasion I have done some re-arranging – I find myself going […]

Panko Crunchy Shrimp

Last week was a blur. Seems we had somewhere to go everyday  . . . doctors, vet, grocery shopping, early voting, post office, car registration/inspection and couple of other places I can’t remember.  By the end of the week, I was pretty much pooped.  But, my batteries are re-charged and I’m ready for whatever. We […]

Go Figure . . . . . plus Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

If you’re like me you watch the news and wonder what’s going on in the world.  Everything would appear to be upside down and backwards.  The truth no longer seems to matter – bad deeds are ignored and  good people are seemingly under attack.   Things are so crazy that I guess I shouldn’t have been […]

Oink – Oink . . . Homemade Pork Stew

Can’t believe Fall is in the air – the shadows are getting longer, there’s a light haze in the air across the valley and the temperatures are cooler in the mornings. We had a delicious 69 this morning – and it felt so wonderful. Even Bear enjoyed it – he was out running down the […]

3 Product Reviews & Luby’s Baked White Fish Recipe

      Cortizone 10 – Eczema You’ve heard me say that most of the time items you see advertised do not deliver the goods.  However, found one more product I can add to my short list of products that actually do work.  That would be Cortizone 10 for Eczema.  We’ve always been fans of […]