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The Times They Are a Changing

This has been a very busy week. We went to Houston on Tuesday to attend a meeting with the Google AdSense Team. The meeting was very informational.   Note:  For those that might be interested, I’ll be posting some of the tips we learned on our Power to Earn Money blog in the coming weeks should […]

Pillsbury Sugarfree Cake Tips

I’ve often thought – too bad people aren’t more like bears – we could hibernate all winter long avoiding all the extra weight we seem to put on simply because there’s nothing else to do but eat! I think the only thing that keeps us from packing on the pounds is that we have our […]

Moose Sheets & Panini

When we put ‘moose sheets’ on the bed I know there is no doubt that winter is here. We put the ‘moose sheets’ on the bed last weekend. That means we’re expecting well below freezing temps just about every night with the highs not out of the 40’s. If you’re wondering about my strange linens […]

Sugar Cookies & Pepparkakor (Ginger Thins)

WOW – it’s like summer again today. Temp is in the 70’s – but the wind is ferocious . . . just like March.  Hear it is supposed to be getting colder – with temps back down in the 30-40 degree range starting tomorrow and through the weekend. That being said – David and I […]

You’re Never Too Old to Play Hooky

We stay pretty busy around here – what with all the online projects we have going – plus all the usual chores associated with running a house . . . I’m typically busy from around 7-ish in the morning to after 6 in the evening. I try to keep the week days more computer work […]