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Bananas & Hummingbird Cake

I’ve just made a very late ‘New Year’s’ resolution to add more bananas to our diet.  This decision comes after reading a recent article listing 25 reasons to eat bananas.  [1]   I’ve always known bananas were a good source of potassium – but it seems  they offer so much more.  A condensed overview of the 25 […]

Mushrooms & Vitamin D

Well, if I’d written this yesterday – like I had intended to – I’d be telling you how Fall had come to the country. That my yard was full of leaves and there was a hazy look to the distant horizon. But, since I’m writing this today, I’m thinking that I was completely wrong – […]

Miracles and Hope

We think of Christmas as the season for Miracles and Hope – and as such wanted to share an email I received. I don’t know if this is a true story or not but it is touching.   And, I do have a true miracle story of my own I want to share with you this Christmas season, […]

Bloopers & Beef

TGIF!!  Received an email from Jerry this week filled with church bulletin ‘bloopers’ – some really funny.  You can read them at the following  link . . . Bloopers Also received an email from Becky about X-rays – I’d never thought about it but protecting the thyroid from exposure is important. Read why your thyroid needs […]

Macrobiotic Diet, Shoppy Bag & Irises

Shoppy Bag?    Got a strange email the other day saying I had been ‘tagged’ to open a picture. It was from someone I knew and trusted so I went to the link to check out the process since I’d never heard of ‘shoppy bag’. Thought maybe it was a new photo sharing site. The link […]