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Best-Ever Chicken Pot Pie

Next to Fall, early-Spring is my second favorite season. The Red Bud trees are blooming – still waiting on the Dogwoods, the blue birds are back and getting their houses in order, and the temperature is perfect. Not too cool, not too hot. I’ve even seen a few lizards out sunning themselves. And we still are […]

13 Gardening Tips

Guess our trees (and the blueberry bushes) are in for a big surprise. Quite a few of them have started budding and it’s supposed to get down to freezing tonight. Not only that but the house has been invaded by Lady Bugs – at least the kitchen has. Haven’t a clue how they got into […]

Product Reviews: Worx & Food Insurance

As anticipated, last weekend was deliciously wonderful. We spent most of the time outside snipping and clipping. And, we finally had time to test out the new Worx Blower-Vacuum we’d purchase a couple of months back. We bought it with the thought of getting the leaves out of the ivy growing around the pond as […]

3 Easy, Home-Garden Elixirs for Blooms, Tomatoes & Roses

My garden is producing very well this year, but have to wonder . . . if I’d found these garden recipes earlier, would it be doing better? The squash plants have  gone crazy – huge plants with lots of prickly leaves and stems..see picture at bottom of plant. Tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes […]

Spring Fever & Mole Update

Today is one of those wonderful days that you want to just curl up somewhere and take a nap. It’s a little dark outside (for middle of the day), lightly raining and the air feels nice and cool (68°). I find it curious that today should be so much different from yesterday when the sky […]