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Still More Insurance Info re Hurricane Claims


More Insurance Info . . . from an expert

        If you know of anyone that might be in the path of Irma and may need to make a claim, please share this information – Clay has been in the business for many years and  knows what he’s talking about.

More Insurance Info


Insurance Information

For those watching this tragedy unfold, I can say that everyone we know in Houston and the surrounding areas effected by Harvey have sadly had damage.  Seems like it just won’t end – but as my mom always said in trying times, “This too shall pass.”   Fortunately, we’ve not had any problems and have only had […]


Oatmeal . . . sounds like there might be a recipe forthcoming, right?  Not this time.  This is my new trigger word for when I need to take a step back and take a deep breath.   Call it what you like:  attitude adjustment, time-out, chilling, reality check, etc.  It’s one of those times when everything […]