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Dog Bones – Please Read

Just saw this warning and wanted to share (maybe another reason to get a FB page ??) . . . anyway please be aware that processed bones for dogs including “ham bones, pork femur bones, rib bones, and smokey knuckle bones” should not be given to dogs at all.  While no particular brand was mentioned, […]


In spite of it being Fall, it feels more like summer around here.  According to our weatherman, we are to have our first ‘fall’ cool front next week – and it can’t get here too soon for me.   Regardless of the weather, we enjoy sitting on the deck but since we lost our oak […]

Dog Days of Summer

After those few days of “cool” a while back – we are really feeling the heat this week. We had a 111 degree ‘heat index’ one day.  WOW !!!    Hoping for some rain starting middle of the week – and we really need it.  When we first moved up here, the locals told us we’d […]

Mars & Bear’s Favorite Things

Finally the rain stopped earlier this week – followed by  the  most unusual evening sky I’ve ever seen.  Not a lot of stormy clouds, in fact the sky appeared to be smooth –  but the most curious color outside – red.  Everything was bathed in a red glow.  And it was a full 360 degrees […]

Tar Paper & Termites !!

This has been an interesting week.  I think I now know why you never – or maybe I should say rarely  – see  construction companies owned by women.  After a few years of sun and rain the back deck of the garage where the trash cans are stored was literally disintegrating.   So much so, there […]