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Bamboo & Guacamole

We don’t go to many auctions any more – mainly because they’re just too far away. Which is probably a good thing. But we did go to one last weekend. It was an on-site auction held by our favorite auctioneer Johnny Norman. The home was lovely and the outside had lots of stuff. The guys […]

Grandma’s Old Plate, Auctions & Wiener Dogs!

Results from cleaning old china in Hydrogen Peroxide.

Wildflowers & Antiques

David and I spent most of Saturday at Round Top (part of the twice annual antiques fair) – couple of hours at our friend’s new antique venue – Old Henry Farm. It was his grand opening and he has done a great job on everything. The wind was a little strong but there were lots […]

4 Out of 10

OK – the weekend has come and gone and I must confess I only got 4 of my 10 projects finished: planting the petunias, weed eating of yard (OK – only part of it), planted the herbs in the herb boxes on my back porch (cilantro and garlic chives), and rested (does that even count?). […]

My Favorite Country Auction

After moving to the country, it didn’t take me long to decide that one of my favorite pastimes was going to country auctions. David and I quickly found several auctions within a 100 mile radius that we could attend and still get back home all in one day. Went to my very favorite auction this past […]