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Spiders, Snakes & Scams

Had some unexpected surprises this week. Not the good kind either.  Went to get a mailing box out of the garage so we could send something to David’s brother –  and just as I was reaching to grab the box –  there it was – a HUGE spider sitting right on top of the stack […]

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have been reading more and more articles about AI and how it can and will be used.   One article I saw a couple of weeks ago showed how a Monet painting could be converted into a photograph by AI.  Not exactly sure why this is something that needs to be done.  Maybe it was just […]

Disaster . . . Averted

Before I get started, had to post this sunset – never ceases to amaze me  how beautiful the sunsets are out here in the country.       Now . . . . I have found that in life the things – bad things, that is – that you try to anticipate and  plan for, aren’t […]


This is a caution to any of you who think you want to try the ‘FREE’ – pay shipping only – products offered by Revived Youth. I made the mistake of ordering their ‘FREE’ product offered/endorsed?  by Angelina Jolie – where you pay shipping only – NOT. Problems: Did not receive a receipt of purchase by […]

Guacamole & Bubbles

Been a very quiet week. Seems I hurt my back moving some of the rocks, etc.  in the yard trying to clean up, so been taking it pretty easy this week. ‘Taking it easy’ translates to looking at more stuff on the Internet.  Some of which was entertaining, some was useful . . . sort […]