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Remember many years ago took a trip to Canada. Quebec specifically.  While we were there many of the people we met along the way  – once they found out we were from Texas – wanted to know if people rode horses to get around?  Hated to tell them ‘no’, but that we in deed did […]

Happy Mother’s Day

        Not too late to make Mother’s Day reservations – some links below to find restaurants with special offers:   A couple of national chains offering Mother’s Day specials are Chili’s and Red Lobster. For other restaurant deals, visit the links below:   MD Specials (1) –  Eat, Drink Deals MD Specials […]

Spring Fever

Spring fever, tired, etc. call it what you will – not much going on simply because I need a rest.  So, found the following.  The roses are gorgeous and the young man is looking to find his brother.  Will do better next week – promise !   To view the rose video, click on the […]

Spiders, Snakes & Scams

Had some unexpected surprises this week. Not the good kind either.  Went to get a mailing box out of the garage so we could send something to David’s brother –  and just as I was reaching to grab the box –  there it was – a HUGE spider sitting right on top of the stack […]

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have been reading more and more articles about AI and how it can and will be used.   One article I saw a couple of weeks ago showed how a Monet painting could be converted into a photograph by AI.  Not exactly sure why this is something that needs to be done.  Maybe it was just […]