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Marigolds for Dog Hair?

To me it always seems that with each New Year comes a flurry advertisements on the television for exercise programs or equipment all claiming  to help you keep fit during the coming year.  In addition, I see a lot of  ‘new’  ways to use ‘old’ products. I no longer find the push to exercise useful as I seem to […]

Only in Texas . . . .

can you wear shorts and a tank top with the air conditioner running one day, and the next day be wearing winter clothes with the fireplace on.  Might add the day  after that we had sleet !!  and  south Texas had snow !!!   Having lived in Texas all my life I can say that […]


In spite of it being Fall, it feels more like summer around here.  According to our weatherman, we are to have our first ‘fall’ cool front next week – and it can’t get here too soon for me.   Regardless of the weather, we enjoy sitting on the deck but since we lost our oak […]

FEMA Information



With all the news flying around about Harvey – had to check in to let you know that should our power go out (which it often does) – we’re ready!  – but it may be a week before I get back online. David and I were out this morning checking the generators to be sure […]