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Beauty: Past & Present

Amazing how much things change. This is really brought to light if you happen to be watching an old movie or television show that is pre-computer or iPhone. While snooping through some old books the other day, I found a booklet listing “542 hints for the farmer, rancher and homemaker” . . .   dated 1962.

Wow – fifty years ago or in this case, circa June Cleaver of ‘Leave It to Beaver’  fame. (For those that may not know about ‘the Beaver’, one might call it a classic TV show that aired 1957 – 1963 where June Cleaver was the quintessential mother and homemaker.) 

So that you’ll understand how this relates to my ‘find’, there was a paragraph in this booklet on ‘Housewife Beauty’ based on the lifestyle of 1962. Thought you might find it enlightening – or maybe even amusing.

Begin Quote

Here is a beauty expert’s advice on how to keep lovely-looking while doing housework.

Wear low heels while at work – heels, but low. High heels throw you off balance and cause strain.

Brush your hair a lot and keep the brush absolutely clean. Then, since dampness takes out curl, pin your wave into place and put a net over it. Protect it from dust.

Put a good cold cream generously on neck and face and get a facial treatment while your toil.

Put a hand lotion on and wear gloves. Take your polish off and give your nails a chance to rest.

For your throat, chew gun while you work.

When it’s all over, use a good cleansing cream on your face and take your bath. Apply a cream mask to your face and lie down for 20 minutes with your hips higher than your shoulders.   After this remove cream and you are ready to dress and put on your make-up.

End Quote

OK ladies – we all now know what to do to look glamorous while doing our housework… yeah right!

In addition to this little bit of advice, there was page after page of  hints. Some good, some not so good. Below are a few of my favorites.

1.  The scorching of clothes while ironing can be prevented if the iron is wiped on a cloth dampened in kerosene.  (…better keep that fire extinguisher close by.)

2.  To prevent starch from sticking add a few drops of kerosene to your starch mixture (…what’s with the kerosene ?) 

3.  Does your baby slide around in the tub? Place a hot water bottle half full of tepid water in the bottom of the tub and set the baby on it.

4.  To keep peanut butter on bread from sticking to the roof of your mouth turn the bread upside down.  (this is better??) 

5.  Lemon juice and salt will remove rust from fabrics.

6.  A lemon will yield nearly double the amount of juice if it is heated thoroughly before squeezing.

7.  Use a hot knife blade for cutting fresh bread and a wet knife for cutting soft cake.

This will give you an idea of the hints – some of them are actually not bad, with most of them being just good old common sense.

 Modern Beauty Make-Over

Now for a little modern beauty using today’s technology.   You may – or may not – have seen the article about the virtual beauty counter.   You can upload your own picture and then try different make-up combinations to see how you might look. The link below will take you to the site should you want to give it a try. If you don’t want to upload your own picture, there are some model pictures to choose from – just for fun.  To visit ‘makeover’ – click here.   Once there,  click on the link for a ‘virtual makeover’ on left side.  You can test the app by uploading one of your own pictures or one of the models.






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