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Wildflowers & Antiques

rtoldhenryDavid and I spent most of Saturday at Round Top (part of the twice annual antiques fair) – couple of hours at our friend’s new antique venue – Old Henry Farm. It was his grand opening and he has done a great job on everything. The wind was a little strong but there were lots of people out and about shopping and buying. Antique dealers from all over the country were set up so we were able to see some very different types of merchandise.

Left Old Henry Farm and checked out the La Bahia show just up the road. Rows and rows of tents plus a couple of old buildings full of stuff. There were a lot of garden type antiques, i.e., chairs, chase loungers, tables – so if you have an old iron patio set hang on to it – they were selling for over $500! There are a lot of shows between Round Top and Warrenton that run for about 10 days. Not all shows have the same schedule. If you are looking for information, visit Texas Antique Mall Show Calendar.rtbahia

We headed back to the car so we would have enough time to take a leisurely trip home as we wanted to get some pictures of the bluebonnets that were in full bloom. Of course the kolaches we had bought that morning in Caldwell had warmed up sitting in the car so that when we opened the door we were hit in the face with the tantalizing smell of yeast and assorted fruits – apple, pineapple, raspberry, and peach – and we just had to eat a few of those on the drive home. So much for putting some in the freezer.

rtblueIf you have time in the next couple of weeks, take a day to see some of the Texas countryside that is in bloom. You’ll find useful information about wildflower events on This is Our Texas, Events page.

There are some beautiful drives between Sommerville and Round Top off Texas 390 as well as in the Brenham, Chappel Hill area. I’ve been enjoying the wildflowers here in Texas for as long as I can remember, but the flowers this year seem to be more plentiful with a more intense in color.

3 comments to Wildflowers & Antiques

  • JeannieM

    When my children were small, every year faithfully I would pile them in the car and find the best”patch” of bluebonnets and make them snuggle down in them so I could take a pic. I did this EVERY year, until finally somewhere around pre teen years they just REFUSED to get out of the car for this tradition…..screaming there might be snakes, too much , dirt, wind, etc…………sigh. It was fun while it lasted.
    I guess I will wait until THEY have kids to start the tradition all over. (unless my kids WARN them about it…..LOL)

  • Susan Haley

    You missed the best part of the Round Top show and that was Carmine Texas, where a show is held in the old dance hall, with such a wonderful selection of antiques from the finest silver to wonderful lines and a collection of Antique Doll Furniture, Oil Paintings and one of the Country leading American Country painted Furniture Dealers Country Treasures. George and Carol Meekins travel from Maryland twice a year to show their wonderful collection of antiques at Carmine where they have been display for the past 15 years. The Guys at the Dance Hall do all the preparing of the Food along with their wife’s, here you will find the best Texas BBQ, German Potato salad and coleslaw, and the desert table is endless. Carmine is part of the original Round Top show

  • janmon

    Thanks Susan – We’ll be sure to visit Carmine in the Fall. And, don’t miss out on advertising these shows for free on the Texas Antique Mall.