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Grandma’s Old Plate, Auctions & Wiener Dogs!


Follow up to ‘Grandma’s’ plate.  Took the plate out of the soak yesterday. It had been soaking in the Hydrogen Peroxide ever since my post of July 17 – so that’s just a little over 4 weeks. I didn’t do anything special – just let it sit. Gave the pan a little shake about once a week to dislodge the air bubbles. Was very pleased the way it turned out – really nice and clean. Even the chips and cracks look white. The ‘after’ picture is just like it came out of the soak – no touch-ups. I don’t think I’ll ever use it as it does have a pretty severe crack and a couple of major chips but – I do enjoy having it. Every time I look at it – I can just smell Grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup and taste those delicious kolaches we used to snitch out of the old pie safe.

Can’t believe it’s Friday already. The week seems to have flown by.  David and I may go to ‘my favorite country auction’ on Saturday – IF it isn’t too hot.  There are a few things there I know he would like to bid on.  A small trailer, lawn mower and some other assorted ‘guy’ stuff that falls into the category of nuts, bolts and screws. I have learned that a guy can never have too many tools, nut, bolts and screws. This auction is an onsite auction – which means we have to pack as if taking a trip. We’ll have to take lawn chairs, food, water, drinks, boxes, packing material, snacks for David, and some sort of cover ( like a large umbrella) in case it rains so we don’t get too wet – and in case it doesn’t rain we’ll need it so we don’t bake  in the sun. Nothing there I want and even if there were – knowing I would have to make a special trip to carry it back to the truck is a major deterrent when it comes to bidding.  If my purchases can’t  fit into a file box so I can carry them back at the end of the auction all at one time – I don’t bid.

Since we’ve been living in the country, people often ask, ‘do you have any pets?’.   No, we don’t have any pets – not because we don’t want them – we just like the freedom of being able to get up and go when we feel like it at a moments notice.   But – IF I did have a pet – it would be a wiener dog. I just love wiener dogs. They have such an intelligent look and the ones I’ve been around are such fun. I’ve even got a name picked out for when I get my wiener dog. . . . Cornnut.   Now that being said, I thought I’d share one of my favorite YouTube videos with you. Can’t you guess…. it’s about a weiner dog. Enjoy!!


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