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Wolf & Wiggy . . .

cement guys extraordinaire.  If you’re looking for someone to do cement work, you need these guys. But before I tell you how really good they are – I have to say that David and I actually considered doing the work ourselves. Why not… after all we’d built the carport, the deck with kitchen, my paint room, and the 2 storage sheds, etc. We never for a moment considered how hard pouring 16+ yards of cement would be. Oh, and did I mention we were going to pour this cement using a non-commercial cement mixer (2 bags at a time!) after we had the 1,000 bags of cement delivered. Call us crazy.

After much talk, we decided to get some quotes to have the job professionally done. You’d think with the economy the way it is – people would be glad to have business – not necessarily. However, Wolf came to the house with his crew, measured everything, gave David a blow-by-blow of what he would do (put in a step for me to get from the walk to carport) and what needed to be done before they even started (lots of prep work) and then quoted a price. That’s all it took for us to know we were in way over our heads with this job.

We contracted Wolf to do the work – ‘country style’ with a handshake – and the rest is history. Wolf and his crew – including Wiggy, Henry, Bear  and Meatball  – got the job finished in 2 days of work . . .and a beautiful job it was. So after 12 years of dirt floors, we now have cement in the garage, carport area and the tractor shed! What an incentive to keep everything in order and clean – and I can get into the big freezer without having to stand on a box now that the floor is about 6 inches higher.

Moon and Mars

If you’ve received an email about how Mars will be close to Earth and it will look like we have two moons on Friday night (August 27) – sorry to tell you it’s a hoax. So don’t bother to set the alarm to get up.   Bummer – that would have been pretty cool – until you realize the problems it would cause. If you’d like to read more about this hoax and what effects we would suffer if it ever did happen, visit this link

Quick Tips

We love yeast rolls but don’t have them very often because we don’t know when to quite eating them. But when I do decide to bake up a batch,  I put them on the back porch in a glass pan covered with plastic wrap and leave them to rise.  (I would never have done this when I lived in the city – but out here it seems the normal thing to do.) 

I spray the underside of the plastic wrap before placing it over the rolls to keep it from sticking to their tops. When I’m ready to bake them, plastic lifts off nice and easy.   I had planned to put up a picture of how nice and brown they looked when they came out of the oven – but, we were so over come with the aroma of hot yeast rolls I totally forgot to take the picture…. see what I mean when I say we have no control

I like making things easier to do almost as much as I like saving money  around the house  – that being said here are a few of my most used (and favorite)  kitchen shortcuts and $ savers –

  • Before putting food, i.e., bread, pancakes, meat, etc. in a zip bag wrap it in plastic so you can re-use the bag.
  • Now, those bags you want to re-use, keep them in the freezer section until you’re ready for them.
  • Save zip bags you can’t recycle for stinky bits of garbage, helps keep the kitchen odor down and smelling good. (Keep mine under the sink for quick, easy access.)
  • Keep cookie sheets clean by lining them with aluminum foil before you use them, makes for a quick clean-up.  (If you really want to recycle, rinse and keep the foil to use for cleaning your silver flatware or serving pieces.  Get the non-chemical formula here.)
  • Clean burned pans by placing 1 Tablespoon of dishwasher detergent in the pan and fill with hot water, let sit over night and almost rinse clean the next morning.
  • Making cupcakes, muffins – spritz a quick squirt of spray oil in the bottom of the paper liner, your muffins will release from the paper much easier.
  • When baking a covered cheese casserole, spray the underside of the foil with oil and the foil won’t stick when you remove it.

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