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Why I Need a Gate Announcer

stuffgateIt took me a little while to get comfortable living away from close neighbors. In fact for the first few months we lived here I would have David go down and close the gate every night – which meant he would have to go open it the next morning.   No small chore since the gate about 1/3 of a mile from the house.  The picture to the left was taken from the front porch and the red dot is where the gate is.   Having the gate closed  made me more comfortable and bless him – he never complained. I’ve gotten used to leaving the gate open and  not having any immediate neighbors but I can’t seem to shake my ‘city ways’ when it comes to wanting to know when someone has come onto the property. That being said – David just installed our second gate announcer after the first one quit working. It is a pretty cool little gadget. It has an ‘eye’ that sends a signal to a receiver in the house so that when anything crosses the path – we get a beep. Only problem is – if you want to call it a problem – is that it does not discriminate between people, cars, tractors or deer. When we were living in town I would never have even thought of having something like that – but out here it seems perfectly logical. And like David likes to say, “gives us time to get our drawers on before someone gets to the house.”

That got me to thinking about all the other stuff we use here that I never gave a thought to having when living in Houston. For example, we have a set of Uniden 2-Way (12 Mile Radios) ‘walkie-talkies’ we use to communicate when we’re outside. My son gave those to us when we first moved up here and we have used them more than I every thought we would.  All we’ve had to do is replace the batteries.  They were particularly helpful last week when David was at the well house working on the pump and needed to have me turn the electrical breakers on/off.

stuffairhornWe also have purchased a short wave radio and a generator. We loose power more often than I like and both of these things are more of a necessity – especially the generator. I would imagine it has saved enough food over the years to more than pay for itself.  We have a battery operated door bell installed to ring in David’s work barn so if he’s out there doing something and I need him – I just ring the bell in the house to get his attention. But if he’s out on the tractor on the far hill . . . that’s another story and I bring out the big guns. My air horn. If you’ve never used an air horn – and I hadn’t – it is very loud when up close and personal. Just sounding it makes your hand vibrate and I only sound it in short bursts. It is the best way for him to hear me if I need him at the house – and it’s only used when I absolutely need him back at the house – like HELP the washing machine is overflowing!!!!!

We’ve taken a few safety measures as well – have a couple of fire extinguishers, poison ivy skin wash (a must if you live in East Texas), and ‘hope we never need it’ Bleed-X to stop or at least control severe bleeding giving us enough time to get to the hospital.   I look at all of these things like an  insurance policy.  We may not need them – but if we do – they’re worth every penny they cost us.

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