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Who Would Have Thunk It?

While sitting out on the deck this weekend – watching all those leaves fall, got to thinking about some of the more curious things that have happened – to me and others – living out here in the country.

For example, when we were living in the city, I couldn’t have a clothes line – it was against the Deed Restrictions. However, when we moved to the country one of the first things we did was to put up a clothes line. I remember as a child that wonderful fresh-air smell and always wanted to hang some of my laundry out just to have that smell again. Now I can. Not to mention it helps cut down on the electric bill. But it’s not without its pitfalls . . . unexpected rain, the random bird, and . . . uninvited guests.

On this particular night, we’d gone to bed stretched out on nice fresh sheets. After laying there for a few minutes, I hear a distant sound – something akin to a buzz – maybe an alarm in the kitchen going off? We’re very attuned to strange noises out here, so I sit up, ask David if he hears anything – and we wait. Nothing. So we lay back down …. the buzzing starts back up. By this time I’ve snapped to the fact that the noise is coming from my pillow!

We turn on the lights and begin giving my pillow a cautious once over. And who would have thunk it…. there inside of my pillow slip was a bumble bee (one of the big ones) – trapped in the corner between the pillow and the case. Can’t imagine I didn’t notice it (or get stung) when putting the linen back on the bed! Guess he was squashed just enough so he could still buzz but too much to fly. I carefully carried pillow and case outside, dumped him and went back to bed. Lesson learned.

Mother Nature shows no mercy especially when it comes to the sun. So caution is in order whether working in the garden, taking a stroll or watching what you keep in your car and where you keep it.

Situation in point – had a friend that carried a mirror on the front seat of her car. When getting ready to go shopping one day, she happened to notice a rather lengthy laser-like burn on the headliner. Got her curious but she didn’t have any answers – so paid it no more attention.   

However, the next time she was ready to go, there was another burn on the headliner – in another place. This now required investigating. After considering the factors in play and some brilliant reasoning – she figured out that the mirror she kept on the front seat had reflected the sun’s rays up to the headliner – and just like a laser – had burned the fabric. Luckily only the liner got scorched – could have been a lot worse.

More Favorite Hints –

I like doing things easy so here are some more of my favorite hints and tips –

1.  Plastic Wrap – If you have any glass shelving – particularly in the bathroom – cover the clean shelves with clear plastic wrap. Make it tight and it’s almost invisible. Next time when your shelves get dusty, simply peel off the plastic wrap and toss it. Reapply fresh clear wrap.  A real time saver.

2.  Salt –  We probably all add salt to water for cooking , i.e., boiling pastas, but wait until the water starts to boil. Adding salt before will take the water longer to come to a boil.

3.  Baby Oil –  Remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances by using a little Johnson’s Baby Oil and a paper towel.

4.  Lemons –  Use lemon juice (1/4 cup) mixed with water (3/4 cup) to lighten your hair or get highlights. If you use fresh lemon juice be sure to strain it, you don’t want lemon caught in your hair. How do I know?? I tried this in my much younger days and it took my mom about an hour with a pair of tweezers to get all the lemon ‘pulp’ out of my fair locks. 🙂

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