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Where Have All the Feathers Gone?

Can you believe it? Less than 3 weeks to Christmas!! Fortunately we’re doing pretty good this year with staying ahead – gifts are bought and Eggnog Ice Cream  is made – as well as a batch of my favorite ‘P’ candy (pecan pralines). Have to admit it’s a good thing I only make both of these once a year. I have no control when it comes to sneaking a snack.

We’ve also been busy weather-proofing the house, deck kitchen and well house. It’s pretty chilly today – 38 degrees, windy and overcast – so, glad we’ve basically finished with that chore. David and I spent about an hour last weekend (while it was still warm) wrapping the pipes at the well house and hooking up the light we keep turned on to help keep the temperature up. (It is amazing that having that one light bulb burning down there makes a significant difference.) You may or may not remember a couple years back one of the pipes coming from the large tank holding the water burst and it was a mess. Still need to cover the faucets inside the well house with those styrofoam covers – but that part is easy.

Checked out the fish in the ‘gold fish’ pond on the way back to the house and could only see one of them (the big white one) – the other two (the Shubunkins) are hiding in the cinder block holes and haven’t seen them in days.

Had an unusual situation that had us going, so I wanted to pass along a bit of information in case any of you out there find yourself experiencing a similar occurrence. That being our Roku would not work the other day – after having been working perfectly the day before.

To refresh – the Roku is the wireless device we use to stream Netflix and other shows, i.e., via Hulu, etc. through our Internet connection enabling us to watch them on our television set. I’m not very knowledgeable about electronics, but my understanding was that the Roku couldn’t connect to the Internet via the wireless Netgear ‘modem’.   So, David re-booted both the Internet and the Netgear ‘modem’. Still nothing. Since we knew everything had been working the day before – we got to thinking . . . . has anything changed? Yes, it had! David had installed wireless security cameras and set up the monitors in the office – same room as where the Netgear ‘modem’ sits.   Wasn’t sure, but thought this might be the culprit, so he unplugged the security system and then tried the Roku again. Had to go through the whole ‘set-up’ program, but suffice it to say – everything started working. Apparently there was a conflict… you think …. between the two wireless systems. We now disconnect the security monitors and wireless receiver when we want to watch the Roku and re-connect them when we’re through. Catch is – you have to disconnect the security equipment before you turn on the Roku to avoid having to go through the set-up process every time. Lesson learned.

Now for the feathers. We went shopping in Bryan-College Station last week. This usually means a stop by the Harbor Freight store – can you say tools?   Anyway, I thought for a change I’d check out the Steinmart next door while David strolled the HF aisles. I hadn’t been in a Steinmart since we left Houston and thought it might be interesting to see what the ‘new’ styles were for the season. On entering, I was met at the door by tables over flowing with ‘recommended’ Christmas gifts – everything from jeweled picture frames to boxes of chocolate pretzels. Made my way through all of this to the ladies clothing department. Now, I don’t know if I’m becoming an old ‘fuddy-duddy’, or maybe I just don’t like change – but, for some reason, couldn’t see myself in any of the clothes there. Then a vest caught my eye. Let me first say – I like vests; they are so versatile – and, they had every kind of vest for sale you might imagine. However, one in particular held my attention. Normally, when you see a vest with a fancy trim – it is just along the collar, so it’s not so over powering. Right? Not this vest – it was totally made from feathers – you know the kind, those small little feathers you might find hiding under the bigger ones.  Pin feathers maybe???  And, for some reason, all I could think of was a turkey. Could have been the color – brownish-tan with a little black. I thought to myself, “so this is where all the feathers go”.   I’m sure on the right person it would be stunning but . . . how you would clean it . . . or what it would smell like if it got wet or damp. Have to confess I did not check the back of the vest – it may have been fabric . . . guess I’ll never know now.

Another thing, while there I went shopping for a new insulated tumbler we could use in the car. Found one I thought would be perfect . .. but on reading the instructions it cautioned ‘to let hot liquids cool before putting the cap on’. Couldn’t see the value in buying that one . . . so after striking out twice – just turned around and left.  Ended up spending the rest of the time with David in the Harbor Freight store where I found him inspecting  the items on the power saw aisle.  And for those that might wonder….. no he didn’t buy anything!

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