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When Your Computer is Attacked



This has been a trying week.  Hence the beautiful, soothing sunset picture.   On top of everything typically going on around here . . doctor appointments, laundry, cooking, cleaning, bills, yard work, etc, etc. etc. – I’ve had to deal with a computer that was attacked by some sort of malware . . . in spite of the fact that I have a paid malware program installed.

It is a shame that we have to deal with these kinds of issues but when they pop-up it is good to know some place to go to get programs that may help.

For me, using four (4) programs from a website called Bleeping Computer helped.   A super BIG thanks to our friend Gopher who helped get through this by recommending the programs I should use and told me what to do.

I’m usually pretty careful where I go and what I do on the computer – but this one managed to sneak through. Wouldn’t have noticed it – I guess – but when trying to upload some files had a message pop us that a malicious program had been blocked. Seems it was trying to attach itself to outgoing files and images.

Anyway, I’m running scans daily and checking for updates to my paid malware program.

Should you find yourself in this unfortunate position, I’m listing the website and programs below with a brief description of what I did. Hope you don’t need it but if you do – at least you have somewhere to start.

First, the programs on Gopher recommended I use:

  1. RKill
  2. AdwareCleaner
  3. TDSSKiller
  4. Junk Ware Removal Tool
Where to find stuff and What to do. . .

First, if you want to become a member or join in on the BC Forum it’s easy and free, but neither is necessary to use downloads.



To use any of these programs or see other programs available on the website, go to Bleeping Computer at the link above and look for the Download tab. From there you can search for these and other programs – depending on what your problem is.

Note: When you click the program name shown in the download list, you’ll see all the information relating to the program and also be given options as to where to download from. I always chose Download Now @BleepingComputer for my downloads.

When downloading programs, use the ‘Save As’ option when prompted and save to your Desktop.

Once the download is complete, you can minimize the BC screen.

From the Desktop, double click the program icon to run the program or if you are having trouble with it working, right click the icon once and select the option to ‘Run as Administrator’.

Give the program some time when running.  Some were quick, some of them took longer than I expected.

Once the results were displayed, I printed them out in case I wanted to go back and review what had been removed.

Repeat this process for any and all malware programs you want to run. When all programs have finished scanning, restart the computer.

Disclaimer: While these programs worked for me, you will have to decide if you want to take the risk of allowing any of these programs to run on your own computer and make changes. The decision is solely yours.

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