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When Once is Enough

scottbeltscottsmowerJWell, I can add one more chore to my list of ‘once in a lifetime to do is enough’.  That would be changing out the riding lawn mower belt.


After three days of off-and-on work, finally got the new belt threaded through a maze of wheels, rods and pulleys housed under the seat area.  Since I’m absolutely NOT mechanically inclined, it was a real ordeal  trying to read the schematic and transfer what I was looking at to the mower.  The fact that I was working on the ground, in a prone position did not make it any easier.  At one point I even considered wearing my bifocals upside down just so I could see better into those scrunched spaces under the bottom where the 8+ wheels were that the belt looped around.


rut_1When it was finally finished, I carefully turned on the mower and engaged the blades .  . .  just knew something was going to go flying off.  But thankfully, all worked as it should.  And, couldn’t believe how quiet it was.  Now just need some dry weather so I can get out there and mow !!


About two months ago, Windstream came in and replaced our DSL line.    However, shortly after the installation, we got a pretty big rain.  To our surprise during a walk, we noticed that where they installed the cable, the ground was washing out.  So severely,  that some of the places were over a foot wide and about two feet deep.


rut_3We were concerned enough that we placed pylons along the drive so no one coming in would drive off and get stuck or, worse yet,  break an axle.  We’ve called numerous times and have spoken to various people, but still waiting for ‘promised’ help to fill in the holes.  Sure wish service was like it used to be – dependable.




I’ve been cleaning out the garage (a little) and finding lots of things no longer needed.  One thing I miss about city-living is the opportunity to have a garage sale – but where we live – think I can safely say no one would come.  So may decide to put up a web page with stuff for sale that I want to get rid of.  Still working on the logistics of that brainstorm – but watch the sidebars for a link . . .  maybe.  Shipping would be free, of course for lower 48.

lilly_2015Coming in from the garage, noticed the sweetest smell in the air.  Seems one of the stargazer lilies I had transplanted is blooming.  What a treat !


Not a lot going on this week, we’ve had extra doctor appointments and that seems to take a lot out of us and doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  Next week will be about the same as we again have multiple doctor appointments.


Saw a bit of the show last night about Tom Brokaw – he has the same cancer as David (multiple myeloma).  After watching the show never knew there were so many people with this disease, nor some of the unusual places it seems to pop up.  Guess the tragedy of it is that most people think it is simply muscle pain (our first thought), overwork or strained whatever – when it is something much more sinister and by the time you are aware of it the disease it has really taken hold.  Sigh. 


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