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When is a Tomato Like a Frog?

Did you know….

that stepping on a small grape tomato feels just like stepping on a small frog?   You may wonder how I can make this statement with such confidence – obviously only from experience.

Earlier this summer we were coming in from watching the stars on the deck  (it was quite dark) and much to my horror – I stepped on a frog that was sitting in the middle of the boardwalk. The only word I can use to describe it is ‘awful’. There was this wet, spongy crunch under my foot followed by a stifled croak. The only thing I can be grateful for is that I had my shoes on!  And, I don’t think I killed him – as I thought I heard a rustle as he jumped back into the hydrangea plant AND next morning there was nothing on the walk to even show where he had been. Whew!!!

So last week when I accidentally spilled a whole container of grape tomatoes all over the kitchen floor- naturally I had to step on the one I missed picking up.   I can definitely say that stepping on that little tomato felt just like stepping on the frog that night  (same squishy feel but with tomato seeds shooting in every direction)   – but  this time I had to clean up the mess.

Note: While looking for a picture of a frog to go with this post, I found a bit of ‘frog philosophy’. You can read it from this link… Frog Philosophy

Did you know ….

that not all of nature’s creatures are infallible when it comes to building a home. We’ve all seen pictures of the perfect bird nests, symmetrical spider’s web – but when I saw a scattering of tiny little mud balls on the porch (under the old stove) it didn’t take me long to figure out that there was a dirt dauber was having a little trouble. I looked up under the stove and saw nothing – other than some ventilation holes. Soooooo, I figured he must be building the nest inside the stove somewhere and was dropping his mud as he tried to navigate through the hole. Whatever – he must be finished because I’ve not seen any more of the little balls on the porch nor have I seen the dirt dauber.

Have to put in a food DYK thingy in, so here it is….

Did you know…

that if your are frying food that has a batter, the oil will not foam during the frying process if you use only the egg white in the dip. Throw the yolks out or save for a meat loaf, etc. Also, if you dredge the item to be fried in regular flour first (shake off any excess) before placing it into the wet dip – the wet dip will stick better as will the final dry coating mix. Following this process also helps keep the coating from falling off into the oil during frying.

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