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When is a lost dog not lost?

leafpileWell . . . . we were fussing about no rain last week; this week we’re fussing about too much rain, not to mention too early in the day. You see, David and I had plans to get out and burn a pile of leaves (more like a small mountain) since the burn ban had  been lifted.  But, that will have to wait now.   Funny – took a picture of it – and it doesn’t look quite so large from the porch.  Guess maybe the rain has flattened it down some?


David did manage to take advantage of the dry weather last week to do some power-washing around the house. What with all the ragweed, the porches and deck were literally covered in dust and pollen.  He was able to get the back porch and half the deck finished before the rains came.  Hope we’ll have another few warm days so he can finish the deck as part of it looks really nice and the other half looks dirty by comparison.



















Power-washers are pretty easy to use and, in fact, I can use the one we have now. The first one was so powerful you had to be really careful so as to not do more damage than good. In fact, I was warned that it was powerful enough to ‘cut a toe off’ if I wasn’t careful.   The one we use now gets the job done but with not so much power.  Another thing I like about it is that if you stop the water flow you don’t have to turn the machine off.  With the old one, you had to do that or damage the motor.  There are a lot of power washers – but look for one around 1600-1700psi if you want one not quite so powerful. Pressure washer’s on Amazon here.


When is a lost dog not lost? When he’s trapped in the bedroom !!  Went looking for Bear this morning and couldn’t find him anywhere outside. . . which is quite a feat since all the gates were closed.  Knew he couldn’t do a disappearing act and only other thing I could think of was that he had jumped the fence going after something which really isn’t in his character.  So there I go tramping all around the yard calling for him . . . in the rain no less.   No Bear.  David on the other hand was looking at all Bear’s  favorite places inside . . . one of which is the back bathroom that has the  beautiful, self-cleaning porcelain water bowl.  Sure enough when David opened the door to the bedroom . . . Bear came  flying out.  Think he was as glad to see us as we were to see him.  Note:  He can walk very quietly on the carpet and he must have slipped by me when I went in to the bedroom to put something in the closet.  Will know better to check next time.

Redundant reminder: we go off DST this weekend and finally . . . .  my favorite picture for the week –  dogandspider



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