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Veteran’s Day at Applebees – Free Lunch

Want to pass along a couple of things I heard and learned last week. Maybe they’ll save you some dollars and time.

Veteran’s Day

First and foremost, Veteran’s Day will be celebrated Thursday, November 11th. I saw an advertisement on television that Applebees will be offering free meals to veterans and those currently serving in the Armed Forces.

There are several meals to choose from and the offer is good all during business hours that Thursday. (Beverage and gratuity not included.)

Since this is good only at participating restaurants, I would call the  Applebees first to confirm they are participating in the program before  taking your Veteran out to lunch – wouldn’t want anyone to be embarrassed. For more information visit this link –

Walmart Return x 2

Next, had a situation at a Walmart. I had bought a package of McCormick Grill Mates . . . but didn’t discover until I was ready to use it the following week  that there was a slight tear in the package. More of a flat poke – looked like someone had punched the front with their fingernail… maybe they want to taste it?  YUCK!!!! 

 So, next trip to WM took it back.  BUT was told by the person at the Customer Service (really???) desk that I had to have my receipt.   Understand this product cost $0.88 – and was checked in at the door as a WM product.  Nevertheless, nothing was going to change their mind or convince them to give me my whopping 88 cents. So I left thinking I’d bring it back next trip with the receipt.

Make a long story short, next attempt to return the damaged item I was told I DIDN’T need the receipt! I asked this ‘Customer Service’  person about the previous return attempt and refusal, and was told, ‘We don’t all work off the same sheet of paper and if the item is low cost then we don’t ask for a receipt’. Huh??!!!!  Kind of makes you wonder who’s running the store?

If I’d been quick thinking the first time, I’d have asked to see a supervisor or the store manager. Wanted to pass this little incident along so that if you run into the same situation with a WM ‘Customer Service’ person that is unwilling to accept your return like mine was – ask for a supervisor or manager and save yourself a return trip and a lot of aggravation.

 Vent-Free Fireplace Logs

Most of us have probably bought something where when you get home you didn’t have the necessary bits to hook it up. This is really true for computer stuff – never seem to have the right cables at home that fit the new printer, etc.

For example – last week we bought a new set of vent-free fireplace logs. Got home and found out that the unit’s connection didn’t fit our existing hose – nor was there a new connecting hose in the box.   And, I might add that nowhere on the box did it said – Don’t Forget The Hose!! or You’ll Need a Hose!!

Fortunately David has a lot of stuff in his little red barn and was able to find a brass fitting to convert our existing hose so that it would fit the new unit . . . he then finished hooking it all up. Just in time I might add – it’s supposed to be in the 30’s Friday morning.

So just a reminder – if you’re buying anything – even though you might think it comes complete – check to see what might be needed before you leave the store. Of course, if you live in the city this isn’t such a big deal – but living in the country as we do, a trip to town – to get anything – is always an hour plus trip and we usually don’t go unless it’s somewhat of an emergency.   Have to say,  over time we’ve learned either to do without or make do with what we have.

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