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Uninvited Guests

trumpetplantI really do have good intentions of sitting down and writing – but then seems something always crops up. David had a couple of pretty difficult days this last week that caused plans to change. He’s better now – but I’m thinking not to plan beyond one day at a time from now on. I’ve firmly resolved that I cannot do everything – so I do what I can and the rest will just have to wait. Guess as long as the house is standing we’re doing OK.

It has been super hot and like a couple of years past, I’ve been trying to keep a green belt around the yard. That means watering everyday. Fortunately we have a well or I don’t think we’d be able to keep watering as it just costs too much. David talked to one of his cousins and she said her water bill was over $250 from watering!!

In addition to keeping my yard green, was surprised to see that the watering had apparently resulted in a plant sprouting next to the well head where it’s  grown almost 5 feet tall. Has beautiful, white trumpet shaped blooms that only open at night. Nice sweet smell too.  Can’t imagine how the seed got in there???

turtle_2015With the drought (been almost 45 days since we’ve had rain) comes the critters looking for water.

Ants are always a pest but we’ve had a couple of interesting intruders as well. Found a turtle under the car port heading for the garage. Haven’t a clue where he came from but if he had gotten in – that would have been the end of him. Scooped him up in a large shovel and took him to the back where he could make it to a pond.  Have to say he was not a happy camper in the shovel.  Didn’t know that turtles could move their legs so fast.

Next visitor is the cutest little green tree frog that comes every night to take a dip in Bear’s water bowl that we keep on the back porch.

How he managed to find that bowl is a wonder to me – but he take a dip and sometimes hangs onto the side of the bowl peeking over the top. So far Bear has shared his bowl nicely.


Note from Jan: I’ve added the tree frog to the picture but that is just how he sits but only at night – apologies, but couldn’t get a good picture of him in the night time.


Happiness is a Sponge Mop?


With things in the world the way they are I find it hard to get enthused over too much. Plus have you heard California is contemplating bankruptcy with seizure of some the people’s stuff?   (Read more here)   With all the doom and gloom, it is hard to get excited over anything . . . much less a mop – but that is what got me happy last week.

liebmanmopI’d been looking for a mop that would clean the floor and scrub at the same time – then low and behold found it at Walmart and it’s made by Liebman.  It has a good sponge – I say good sponge because some sponges leave a water trail – as well as a brush on the flip side. Love it!! So much so I don’t even mind mopping anymore – seems less of a chore.

Now for something I heard but not totally sure of. Seems that the Crest toothpaste with plastic microbeads is not good for you. The tiny beads designed to help clean get embedded under the gum. According to Snopes Crest will be phase out this product in 2016.  This one is a personal call – but think I’ll stay away from it.



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