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Tractors: The Good & The Bad

When we moved to the country all those years go – little did I know that having a tractor (little and big ones) was to be a major part of the process . . . for a guy.

The first opportunity that came along; we [ and I’m using the collective we ] purchased a tractor. While, I have to admit it has it uses – like mowing the fence line, pulling unwanted fence posts and trees, moving loads of trash to the burn pile as well as a few other odd chores – it does have it’s limits. It was NOT designed for nor should it be used to carry passengers.

Last Saturday David decided to go down to the gate and get a load of dirt to bring back to the house…. filler for the holes the armadillos had dug. Great! So, I thought while he was doing that, I could go along and pick the dewberries that had ripened – you know kind of kill two birds with one stone. So, rather than walk the 1/3 mile in the hot morning sun or take the Jeep – I thought ‘why not ride along with David on the tractor?’ This was to be a first! Have to say I felt kinda of like I was on some sort of country reality TV show where they might do something crazy like this. I knew after the first 10 micro-milli-seconds it was a BIG mistake. The mere fact that I had little of nothing to hold on to – except the support for the cover and the dash – plus the fact that I was perched on the metal ‘floor board’ with my heels hanging off the edge – should have given me some sort of clue that this was not going to be an easy ride.     But it had sounded like fun – so I thought, it just had to get easier once I settled in. Wrong. We were traveling not much faster than a snail – bouncing all the way. Funny, I’ve never noticed before how bumpy the drive is.

I continued jockeying myself trying to get a better grip – to no avail. All I did was get in the way making it hard for David to see where we were going. By the time we were to the bottom of the first hill – and only half way there – I was ready to holler ‘uncle’ but my pride wouldn’t let me (after all it had been my idea) – so I clung as tightly as I could, waiting for the moment I could get off. We finally made it and I carefully slid to the ground – not sure that my overly tensed muscles weren’t going to cramp up the minute I hit the dirt. So far so good.

I picked my dewberries and headed home… walking. It was a hot long walk but there was absolutely no way I was going to make the trip back under the same conditions as the trip down. David, bless his heart, on hearing about my ordeal – said, “you should have told me, you could have ridden in the bucket of the front end loader.”

Take a look at that picture . . . .you gotta be kidding!!!

Now I know why they say – you’re never too old to learn.  Albeit sometimes the hard way. BTW – it took about two days for my stressed muscles to ‘get back to normal’.

Now for the good of it. Got a two year long project finished last weekend. I say two years because it took us that long to find the tractor seats we needed at auctions – at a price we wanted to pay.

We have a ‘tall’ table in the middle of the deck and I always thought it would be fun to have tractor seats on the bar stools that go around it. After finally getting our 3 loose seats, we sanded them to get rid of the old paint and rust, and then painted them. Red, of course.  David attached them to the wooden stools with very large bolts – the kind that have the smooth tops – and then trimmed the legs just a little so it’s easy to sit.

When Nancy was here last week, she had a good idea to put a foot rail around the bottom of the table to make it easier to get up and down.  We’re going to use her idea – and thankfully, that should be a pretty easy project since we can get everything we need at the hardware store. No waiting.

We both really enjoy the deck and since there’s always a good breeze out there – it’s one of our favorite places to sit and take a break.

2 comments to Tractors: The Good & The Bad

  • Jay King

    Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  • janmon

    Hi Jay!

    Certainly, feel free to share – bet none of them would have made that mistake!! Jan