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tomatoesNice day today . . . bit windy. While taking our morning walk couldn’t help but think about working in yard and maybe having a small . . . no – check that, tiny . . . garden this year.  There is a small space in the back yard where I can put a few tomato plants.  That’s really all I want to have.  But, right now it is covered in huge weeds so I’ll need to get busy and clear it out before planting my seedlings.


Guess I’ll buy those starter plants at the feed store rather than plant my own seeds. Just don’t have the time – or inclination, to do so.  Think if there weren’t so many other things that needed doing, might just enjoy being a veggie farmer.


That being said, there is a lot to know about seeds. Especially if you want to harvest  and save next years seeds from this years produce.   Re seeds, there are the GMO’s which I wouldn’t want, the Hybrid ones that have been specially bred to deliver particular traits and then there are the traditional or old-fashioned seeds.   These are the ones to get.   If you’d like to read more about seeds and gardening,  please visit this link on our survival page.


Before making the decision to buy seedlings, I did check out the variety and price of packaged seeds at the store.  Have to say I was somewhat stunned to see how  the prices  had gone up.   Guess it’s been a while since I bought any.  Nearly fell over when I saw a package of green bean seeds for $12.00 – that is not a typo – they actually were $12.00 for a relatively small package.  Told David  can’t imagine anyone paying that for seeds when you can buy dried beans or  peas at the grocery and plant those just as easily.  In the past that is what I’ve done.


hubble_gatetoheavenPinto beans when planted produce the best green beans. Learned that from my Aunt Frances years ago.  Trick is to pick them before the pods get too big and the beans inside start to form.  Cook just like any green bean – they have the best flavor.  And black-eyed peas, I’ve never used anything other than the bagged peas from the grocery to plant.  You’ll have more peas than you can every plant for a couple of dollars with plenty left over to cook and eat – or save for next year.


Change of subject. Saw this amazing picture  the other day.  It was taken by the Hubble space telescope and have to marvel at what is out there and hidden from our view.  For me, looking at something so beautiful makes all the problems we have here on Earth seems somewhat insignificant and small.  BTW –  the caption on the original picture called it the ‘Gateway to Heaven’.   Think I might have to agree.



Video chuckle for the day. This video has the owner talking to his dog about ‘food’.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Note – Don’t know what has happened to the videos, seems they have disappeared, trying to find a solution on WP but until I do, if you want to see the funny video with dog, visit this link. 




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