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Timber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, about two weeks behind with  this post.  But then things never seem to go as planned.  Sigh.  We woke up last weekend to find our big, beautiful oak tree in the front yard  had fallen over and was laying on the house and deck !!    It was one of those times when it takes the brain a few minutes to process exactly what you are  seeing . . . and then  finally realizes it is for real.  Kind of like the time I found a snake curled up in front of the clothes dryer.  Total disbelief.







According to the tree man, this particular species of tree (Post Oak) becomes weak and can have what he calls a ‘heart attack’.  So thankful we weren’t under it when it fell.  I’d been out there the whole previous day working in the yard and around the pond.


tree_2Have to think it must have fallen during the night, but strange thing,  we didn’t hear it.  Not one sound.   Bear didn’t even bark.  Tree man said sometimes trees like this just lay down rather than fall – so that might account for it.  Heaven knows there hadn’t been any heavy rain or high winds that might cause it to fall.


Again, so lucky we weren’t hurt because when it fell, it was pretty much on the deck with some of the limbs on the corner of the house where the bedroom is.  Could have been a disaster if the corner of the house had been crushed.  Some of the upper limbs must have been 3 feet in diameter.  These larger limbs tree_1acted like pillars when it fell holding the tree up at about a 45 degree angle.



Once the tree people got here, it only took them about 2 days to get it cut down and moved to the field where they burned it. They were so careful.  Didn’t do any further damage and even managed to save my poor little pink dogwood tree.  If trees have feelings, know it must be in shock.


Now that the tree has been removed, we’ve been spending time trying to clean up some around the pond and the crushed portions of the fence before the construction people come to make repairs.


tree_5Fortunately the pond wasn’t punctured, nor was the filter damaged. But, my fish did not make it. 🙁  So taking this opportunity  to clean out the pond (full of dead leaves), the filter and make some changes.   Our cement figure – ‘Huck’ – survived with minor dings, so will try to fix him up, give him a new coat of paint and put him back to fishing when everything is complete.


Have to say Bear is missing his ‘water fountain’ – but we turned the pump off since the tree man said the water was full of some sort of oak ‘toxin’ and that was what caused the fish to die.




Lots of work to do, but thankfully the weather is clear, cool and dry. Hope to get it finished in a couple of weeks.  Just keeping the aspirins, muscle rub and heating pad handy.







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