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The ‘Lowly’ Binder Clip

Seeing all the ‘helpful tips’ and short-cut recipes out there recently has me wondering . . . ‘why’?.    Have my own opinions on why people seem to be posting so much stuff . . . to make money somehow (of course, that’s got to be my first thought – who doesn’t need extra $$$ these days), for fun, or maybe just to share. Whatever the reason, some of the ‘tips’ are pretty good.

One interesting post I saw had to do with using the lowly binder clip. Use them myself for lots of stuff – but this guy really came up with some novel ideas.


My favorite uses are:

  • Hold open a book while typing
  • Mark my place in a magazine or book
  • Hold chip (or any other) bag closed
  • Use one to hold the gate shut instead of a lock
  • A really BIG one to hold the weather cover on the kettle BBQ


Did a little snooping online and saw some other good ideas for them. Since I like to paint, thought the one holding the paint tubes on a board was ingenious. Think I’ll have to make one of those boards. Not only will it keep the paint tubes orderly it will also help keep the paint near the cap.




Now, this is the video that got me started on all of this.




For you gardeners out there.  Check back as next post will be on vegetable seeds and the differences between them.

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