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Spiders, Snakes & Scams

Had some unexpected surprises this week. Not the good kind either.  Went to get a mailing box out of the garage so we could send something to David’s brother –  and just as I was reaching to grab the box –  there it was – a HUGE spider sitting right on top of the stack of boxes.


The boxes are stored in the shadowed side of the garage so guess I was lucky to even have seen it.   Otherwise, you might be reading about my heart attack.  Have to think I startled it as much as it startled me as it leapt off the box, and hid behind the bookshelf.  Must get some insect spray out there.  No telling what else might be lurking.


Barely had recovered from the spider incident when early yesterday evening -when we were out on the deck – Bear started acting strange . . . tiptoeing around the flower bed, looking at it from one direction then another – low growl.  I thought he was stalking a lizard.  Not so.  Went to check and there it was . . . SNAKE !  Best I could tell it was a ribbon snake about 1-1/2 foot long – but as far as I’m concerned – a snake is a snake, and I don’t want to be anywhere near one.


Got Bear on the deck, grabbed a hoe and went after the snake. Did some digging around in the plants and mulch – but  it had gotten away.  That sighting will certainly impact how I work in the yard from now on.  I don’t always wear gloves and the rocks I use for bordering the flower beds are now suspect as harboring snakes.



Now about the scam. This might also be a heads-up  to those with paid health insurance or are on Medicare,  Medicaid.


David got a call this week from someone supposedly representing a Healthcare Service. They wanted to send him some medicine.  This person had quite a bit of our personal information – enough to know that David had back pain.  After a brief conversation, they then wanted to transfer him to their ‘pharmacy’ where he could order this new medicine.


We were both on the line and at this point, I asked them to send us a hard copy of the information, we’d review it, contact his doctor, and then get back to them IF it was approved by his oncologist for him to use. They didn’t want to do this but rather insisted we talk to their ‘preferred’ pharmacy to get the medicine today.


At this point, I had had enough. Told them there was no way David was going to take any medicine that was ordered over the phone,  sent from an unknown pharmacy, recommended by someone we didn’t know and  that his doctor had no knowledge of.  This ended the conversation – they hung up.


At the beginning,  it all sounded very real, especially since they had so much information. Have to wonder where and how they got all those details???    Don’t have any idea where this scam was going, can only think they wanted us to give a credit card number to their ‘pharmacy’  to pay for the meds.  You can figure out the rest.


As you know, I like home cooking without all the additives, preservatives, etc. that come in pre-packaged foods.  In addition I also like vitamins.  So when I saw this chart couple of days ago, thought it interesting.  Gives various symptoms, i.e., dry skin, restless legs, low energy, etc. – along with the foods you should eat  that can help counteract them.  True or not?  Who knows.  But certainly can’t hurt eating fresh and healthy.  The link to the original article is at this link for those who would like to read more.  The article gives you the various  foods associated with the vitamin/mineral recommendations shown on the chart.










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