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Snowflakes – Up Close & Personal

We’ve always heard that no two snowflakes are alike . . . hard to imagine when you think how many gazillions there are of them. But after looking at the black and white photographs taken by Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) you’d have to agree. I saw these few images on the ‘The Fox Nation’ website earlier and found them to be absolutely amazing.

Photography in 1885 was closer to science than art, and by connecting a bellows camera to a microscope to capture the tiny beauty of the flake, Wilson Bentley pushed the bounds of both.”, Fox News

I found it curious that they come in all manner of styles – some appear to be almost solid while others are delicate and lacey.  But regardless of how they look –  it would appear that all have 6 sides.  I’ve uploaded a few of the images for you to see. Click once on the image  to make it larger, click twice to return it to smaller size.

If you would like to read more about Mr. Bentley or see more of his incredible work, visit

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