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SNOW !!!????

snowirishcoffeeWinter is apparently here as they are forecasting snow for tomorrow. If you have any knowledge of Texas you already know that snow – particularly in the lower part of the state – is almost non-existent. Maybe in January or February . . . but December. Not a chance. So guess we’ll see if what they say is true and if we all wake up tomorrow to a pretty snow-covered world. BTW – they are forecasting snow over a pretty broad area – from East Texas over to Austin and down to Houston. Guess I better get out my winter boots and winterize a few things outside before night.

snowcactusRight now the only plants I plan to cover are my Christmas cactus.   There are two of them – one red, one white.  They belonged to my mom and have to be at least 30 years old and are huge. I have to admit, even though they have gorgeous blooms every year – I’ve yet to have them blooming on Christmas. I’ll also cover my herb boxes on the back porch. Wouldn’t want to loose my garlic chives.   snowchivesThe rosemary bush in the garden is on it’s own. It has made it through several winters so I’m pretty confident it’ll be ok.

David has covered the faucets, exposed pipes and taken care of the deck kitchen. The goldfish pond has a biological filter that re-circulates the water into the pond down a water fall so it runs continuously. No chance of that freezing. The goldfish – we call them our ‘baby whales’ as they are BIG – are pretty quiet right now. Then tend to get lazy when it gets cold.   snowfireplaceThink we’ll be following their example tomorrow and be spending the next day or so in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate or a cup of Irish Cream coffee. For the Irish Cream coffee we like to add in a dash of chocolate syrup and a swirl of whipped cream. Really yummy!

Sure hope we don’t loose our power – but just in case we do, think I’ll cook up a pot of soup this afternoon so we’ll have something ready to eat.  AND, if by some miracle we actually get snow – I’ll put up some pictures for you to see.

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