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Safely Setting Up a Home Generator

With the nasty weather we’re having today there is absolutely nothing to do! That really isn’t true – it’s just that I don’t feel like doing anything.

I have been giving a lot of thought to outside projects, like trimming the trees, weeding the garden and getting started on my herb ‘box’ garden – but all of that will have to wait for much warmer weather. I hear it’s supposed to get up into the 60’s this weekend – sounds good to me since it icy and cold today and forecast to get even colder tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed we don’t lose power ….. again.

My thought was to fix a Chicken Pot Pie ¬†for lunch (with gravy) and have that on hand. (It was delicious! ūüôā ) It’s so simple to reheat in the electric skillet if we need to. Made extra¬† Blueberry Pancakes¬† this morning – again another quick, easy re-heat if needed.

We quickly learned when we moved up here the only way to comfortably survive is to have a back-up generator. David being the ‘handy man’ that he is – made using the generator even easier.

Since I didn’t like having to leave the back door open to accommodate the wires, he fixed a plug that literally goes through the back wall next to the kitchen.

On the outside, he plugs the cord from the generator into that socket and then on the inside wall, he fixed another ‘outlet’ that we plug the inside cords into.¬†¬†

The power from the generator transfers directly through the wall using the two plugs! How smart is that?!

Now my back doors don’t have to be cracked – letting in the cold or hot, bugs, animals – but we have the convenience of power.

David also converted a cute – why do men cringe¬†when you associate the word cute with something they do? – little crate we keep on the back porch that holds all the necessary wiring and cords for the generator – so when we need them there’s no need to go hunting.

We went through that exercise a few times before we had the cute storage crate. You can’t imagine how hard it is to find cords in the garage, at night, with only a couple of flashlights. All the boxes looked the same. We now have all the other boxes labeled as well – Christmas paper, decorations, heavy winter coats, etc.¬† Makes life so much easier.

David ¬†has left the generator hooked up with all of the wires piled in the kitchen and den – so I’m hoping that we’ll keep our power.

You all know how that works – if he had disconnected the generator and taken everything back outside – for sure we would have lost power.¬† And, if that isn’t one of Murphy’s Laws, it should be.

PS:¬† We’ve just launched another blog¬† – this one is on antiques.¬† Unlike our¬† on this blog we’re going to¬†be posting on¬†various aspects of antique collecting, identifying,¬† buying, selling – as well as interviewing ¬†experts in¬†different fields.¬† It’s just getting started – but should be a lot of fun and filled with information –

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