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Roku is…Not a Japanese Noodle

I  am definitely NOT a gadget person – in fact, if it weren’t for David I’d probably still be watching black and white TV – so when he decided he wanted to get Netflix via Roku I may have been silent on the outside but I was groaning on the inside. And to that I must say, it has been a journey.

For those that may not be aware of it – in addition to watching Netflix on your computer, you can also watch Netflix on your wide screen television through several different devices … Roku, in David’s opinion, being the least expensive. So we got a Roku. Then we got a wireless transmitter to send the signal to the Roku. Then we got Netflix. It was a process …. not without its bumps in the road.  (Our Roku streaming player Model is the HDMI  2100X XDS Streaming Player 1080P – if you’re looking to get one.  It works well with our High Definition TV.  David did quite a bit of research and found that this model works better that some of the other models available.)

David had his good friend – who we affectionately call ‘Gopher’ – come help with the original set up. But then we experienced  a total power outage that apparently reset everything back to zero since nothing worked. So David had to set-up everything again but this time …. sans Gopher.

I have to say the people at both Roku and Netflix were very helpful and walked us through the whole process. In fact we were stunned when Roku called us back to see if everything was ‘OK’ . . . when was the last time you had a call from a manufacturer????

Everything is working fine now (knock on wood) and we’re even thinking about getting Hulu-plus to watch TV shows. If we decide to go the Hulu route we’ll probably drop our current satellite service which will result in us saving about $60.00 a month… not bad – especially since we watch very little TV.  And, I have to confess – I do enjoy the movies on demand.  Thanks, David!!  Both of you!!!

Now on to another ‘something to think about’. Had a neighbor come by the house Sunday in a panic … seems he had decided to upgrade his computer’s XP operating system by installing Windows 7.   BUT… when the installation was complete,  none of his files or programs were there. Major disaster. He wanted to know if there was anything he could do. Sadly, for the average person there is not.

It would seem that when you install Windows 7 over XP, the Windows 7 program is not set up to retain any of the computer’s old programs or files. So if you are planning on upgrading your XP system make sure you have back-up copies of all the files and programs (along with program passwords and keys) so that you can re-install everything you want and need.

That’s just one more thing I don’t want to do – to update my computer from XP to Windows 7 – think I’d rather just buy a new computer and keep my old ‘comfortable ‘ computer with all my stuff on it in the spare bedroom – that way it would be handy just in case I needed to retrieve something from it.

Rest of the week is going to be super busy and really looking forward to having Kaleb and Jace visit us this Friday… Nancy may even come!   You’ll remember that Kaleb had the AVM surgery – two surgeries in fact – but is doing well now.   Isn’t modern medicine amazing!!!!!

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