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Remember When

notextHaven’t seen a lot of bad car wrecks in my lifetime, but the one we saw on the way to Palestine this last Tuesday was one of the worst. Happened on the newly opened portion of Highway 79 that is now about 6 lanes wide.    Didn’t appear to be a lot of cars involved, just  two  – an 18 wheeler and what looked like it might have been an SUV.  The front end of the SUV was jammed  up under the back end of the 18 wheeler  . . . all the way to the windshield and then some.


Couldn’t have happened too long before we got there. Police, ambulances, etc. were all on the scene with some people directing traffic.   Rest of the responders  were just standing around like they were waiting on something.


After going shopping for about an hour before David’s appointment and then sitting in the doctor’s office for around 1/2 hour,  a man came in talking about the “bad’ wreck saying they were still trying to ‘cut the people out’.  Yikes!!!   Can’t imagine what happened – but have to think that the driver of the SUV wasn’t watching and just drove right up under the truck.   Maybe that is why we’ve seen so many new road signs lately showing   ‘no text’ areas.

Remember When

I’m going to take a sentimental journey today.  Try not to do this too often but sometimes the heart just has to be acknowledged.




While cleaning under the bed last week, found a bag full of stuff . . . been wondering where I’d put it.    It had stuff  my mom had kept – some from my childhood.  What a treasure. Full of greeting cards, old letters, pictures, jewelry and assorted mementos.




Last Sunday afternoon, took it to the kitchen table and rummaged through the whole thing. It was like going back in time and interesting to note how much things have changed.  The greeting cards – sentiments and designs – seemed older than they were . . . memories and ways of life from a distant past that has somehow become lost thanks to our digital world.


That aside, thought the menu was particularly interesting just to see what prices used to be!!  Can’t imagine eating a steak dinner for under $5.00 much less feeding the children for $0.75 – WOW  – and how about dessert (ice cream or sherbet) or milk for $0.15?  Where’s the time machine !?


A few of the letters and post cards were to my mom from my dad before they were married, and for the time being, can’t bring my self to read them. Feels like an invasion of their privacy.  So for now, I’ll  leave those.


Did find a poem my mother had written (I remember her always writing poetry as did her sisters) and I’ve put it  below.  Hope I’ve gotten it right – not sure about the last part.  Was written in pencil on an index card  so parts of it were faded and a little hard to read  . . .


The Hens

The night was coming very fast,

It reached the gate as I ran past.

The pigeons had gone to the tower of the church,

And all the hens were on their perch.

Up in the barn, I thought I heard

a piece of a little purring word.

I stopped inside, waiting and staying

to try to hear what the hens were saying.

They were asking something that was plain

asking it over and over again.

One of them moved and turned around

her feathers made a ruffled sound.

A ruffled sound like a bush full  of birds

as she said her little asking word.

She pushed her head close into her wing

But nobody answered anything.


RW-ani-2Mom grew up in the country and have to think her heart must have always been there to a certain degree. Like to think she would have loved where we live.

The other items – card game, sun glasses, little dress pins – in pairs, of course – were mine and I can still remember wearing them. Have no idea where the key-to-the-city (New York) came from.  But  must have been from someone special since it was kept for so many years.  My guess is that it dates to the 1930’s. Before my time, naturally!


Have to wonder if the younger generations will enjoy and cherish the things we hold on to as much as we cherish our parents keepsakes, or will it be like so many garage sales we went to in Houston, they’ll just toss everything  on the bed for strangers to rummage through.    Hope not.

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